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Saturday, September 20, 2014

SoftSoap Brand Sea Kissed Exfoliating Body Wash #Softsoap

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Dreaming of a well-deserved trip to the seaside for the end of the summer? While you plan, you can transform your shower into your very own seaside paradise with the NEW Softsoap brand Sea Kissed exfoliating body wash. The uniquely designed gentle scrub body washes combine mild exfoliation action with rich, creamy lather, and a delightful fragrance that reminds you of the deep blue waters of paradise.
                           softsoap blue
This year has flown by, September is already almost over. Bringing with it the beautiful colors of Fall and of course cooler weather right along with it. I like the Fall, but I LOVE Summer. I hate being cold and having to wear sweatshirts and hoodies all the time. I want sunshine and warm weather.

At least I can dream about a tropical vacation in my mind while I’m taking a shower. The Soft Soap Sea Kissed Body wash smells absolutely amazing with it’s Blue Lotus Flower fragrance. The floral scent isn’t over the top overwhelming or too strong. Just very light and airy, which I love. Smells like a walk beside the ocean on a path lined with blue lotus. Sea breeze and flowers, heavenly.

The soap is very creamy and rich. It has an amazing lather and doesn’t require a whole lot to do it’s job. The best thing is the tiny moisturizing exfoliation beads that are in the body wash. They gently exfoliate away any dirt and dead skin cells without drying out my skin. All the natural oils remain, with the added nourishment from the body wash. My skin feels so smooth and silky.

It leaves my skin feeling extra clean and leaves behind a nice clean scent. I am in love, I tell you. There aren’t many body washes that exfoliate without stripping the skin and making it dry. I don’t even HAVE to use a lotion or body butter when I use this, that’s how moisturizing it is. Genius AND under $5- you can’t beat that.

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