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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Dora & Friends: Talking Dora & Smartphone



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Adisyn absolutely LOVES Dora, and she always has. I swear at one point we had just about every Dora DVD. We moved last year and somehow the kids boxes of movies didn’t make it, so we are now trying to collect them all again.

She was stoked to see Dora sitting beside my desk when we came in after getting her off the bus. The Dora and Friends Talking Dora Doll from Fisher Price is the tween version of the Dora character that she grew to love. She hadn’t really seen any of the shows, so she just thinks Dora’s hair has grown.


What's in the box?

Talking Dora & Smartphone, adventure charm, brush and headband.


Adisyn loved that Dora came with a brush, so that she could style her hair. She also comes with a pink headband. I really liked that it came with a slightly elastic clear plastic strip at the bottom to keep it on. Her hair is straight, and pretty soft for a doll. It doesn’t tangle easily, which is also a plus.

She loves to use hairties and bows on her dolls, so I loved that it was easy for her to get the headband off and on without it slipping off. We’ve had problems with that before on other dolls, but this one sits flatly on her head perfectly.


Dora resembles a Bratz doll in the way that she has a bigger head with a small body, which I like. Adisyn absolutely adores her. She comes decked out & looking snazzy with her sparkly painted on tank top and capri pants. There’s a glittering crystal-like button on the front of Dora that lights up when pushed.


Dora came with her smartphone (with a tiny screensaver of her family) and a special phone just for Adisyn. Adi puts her phone in her “purse” along with her “little cosmetics” and some lotion I gave her. The options of the phone are minimal because there’s only one button to push, but she likes it.

Dora responds to and interacts with Adi’s phone, which comes with the “Map-App”. Dora will start talking or singing different phrases and songs each time the button on the phone is pushed. When Dora and the phone are responding to each other, the button on her shirt and bracelet twinkle and light up with color. Dora speaks in both English and Spanish like she does in the show.


Dora is a very well made doll, which is what I particularly like. Adisyn has taken her outside for “adventures” and Dora’s made it back in perfect shape. She’s made out of very durable/sturdy plastic that isn’t easily bent or torn up. Dora can be placed in a sitting position to have “lunch” with Adi, and her arms move up and down. There’s an off/on switch on the side of her hip, but you can’t control her volume level (which isn’t loud or obnoxious anyway).

This is the absolute PERFECT gift for any little girl who loves Dora or dolls in general, you can get it here.


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