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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Japan’s Hottest Beauty & Fashion Trends #TsunaguJapan

Japans Hottest
Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Tsunagu Japan

Japanese fashion is known for whirlwind of continuously changing trends. Fashion and beauty are a way to express our individuality and Japan has it on lock-down. They have some very distinctive and amazing trends that are downright stunning! Fashion and beauty in Japan is more than just simply making a statement, it’s a lifestyle all on it’s own. They have fun with it and I can’t help but love it.

Makeup & Beauty*

makeup makeup1

I’ve always thought Japanese girls were amazing with their makeup techniques. The latest trend has been to post their before and after pictures. Their before being “nude no-makeup” pictures. Makeup is an artistry in itself and they are amazing at it. They perfectly blend their makeup so they look absolutely natural while also looking fresh and beautiful.

gadget GADGET2

                            Image Sources: 1) ksdenki.com  2) kakaku.com

Can you say super-amazing beauty gadgets? There are so many super-tech James Bond looking beauty tools here and they all do some pretty fabulous stuff. Gear up!

#1 is for your eyes- You lay down and put this on your eyes. Warm steam moisturizes the skin around your eyes while the tiredness is taken care of by a strong rhythm that pulses.

#2 takes care of cleaning, moisturizing, and pore reduction. It uses electric properties to remove the dirt from pores. It has a micro-patting button that “pats” your skin down. Next is the moisturize mode. Then the last mode which has a cooling effect. It’s said the pores tighten instantly. Sounds pretty intriguing.

hair hair1
   Image source: 1. matome.naver.jp  2. hairstyle.woman.excite.co.jp

Try them today! Popular hairstyles among Japanese women aren’t so different from anywhere else, but I think Japanese girls look super cute with short hair. Short hairstyles are just as trendy as long or medium, but the medium side-swept bang is uber-popular. I don’t usually go for bangs, I look weird with bangs (I think so anyway) but I would totally do a side-swept bang.

hairmed hairmed2
  Image Source: beautynavi.woman.excite.co.jp/style/

They are now doing bobs and bangs for medium-length hair, which is really pretty and definitely suits their face features. Light brown hair color is also very popular, along with perming/curling the tips/ends of their hair to give it a wavy/soft/feminine look.

hairlong hairlong2
The longer-hairstyles are mostly a concoction of everything mentioned above; waved/permed ends, bangs, and dyed hair.


fairy 1 fairy 2
            image source: www.amazon.co.jp

Fairy Fashion or also known as fairy kei fashion. Fairy Kei fashion consists of an assortment of beautiful pastel colors, dazzling bright bows, and super adorable accessories. The fashion trend includes items that are cute and dainty. This is exactly what comes to mind when you picture fairies; especially gorgeous anime fairies. Hair color is even dyed pastel hues, which is absolutely beautiful. I’ve never seen anything like it!

   fairy 3 fairy 4
                  Image Source: 1) ridsnap.com   2) Droptokyo.com

Fairy Fashion couples pastel colors with other light colors or an off white, which is very pretty. The lighter colors highlight the pastel making them more feminine and girly. It also merges pastel colors with lace & tulle together too, such as with picture #1.’' Fairy Fashion is also a cute combination of pastel colored shorts and long summer cardigans or knitted tops. With the pastel shorts they usually wear textured stockings/fishnets.

bag   bag 2 bag 3
      Image Source: 1. tokyofashiondiaries.com, 2. wear.jp/tkhk1115, 3. wear.jp/yasukomm

BAO BAO ISSEY MIYAKE is a uniquely designed bag that is constructed with a ton of small triangles. They are a line of bags and pouches with the theme of “shapes made by chance.” They are foldable, flexible, light, and super intriguing. I love this concept. I’ve never seen a bag designed like this before, and I love all the color varieties.

    Image Source: prtimes.jp/

Hello Kitty was launched in 1974, produced by the Japanese company Sanrio. Hello Kitty is part of the popular culture trend in Japan- kawaii. Hello Kitty just celebrated their 40th anniversary, and Randa *A Shoe Company* collaborated to make these super-cute Hello Kitty Shoe Collection.

ugg ugg ugg2 ugg3
        Image Source: item.rakuten.co.jp

Boot trends are skyrocketing these days in Japan, especially in the winter months. UGG mouton boots are a This Japanese winter must have item : the UGG mouton boots. These are popular in Japan every year, just like they are here in America. From the classic UGGS to the new colored, metallic, velvet and studded collections- UGGS are just priceless in any fall or winter wardrobe. Those red velvet would especially be adorable on Christmas, huh?

                  Image Source: fashion-press.net

Japanese women love UGG boots because there are so many varieties and colors. There are so many different looks that can come with just changing up the coloring of your shoes. Whether you’d like to wear darker colors and a bright boot, purse, and jewelry- or jeans and a neutral color boot. I love what they’ve done with the above picture combination, it’s truly captivating with the multicolored clothing mixed with a metallic UGG. I seriously want to give that a try! with some leggings this winter!
Which is your favorite trend?


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