Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Make Your Thanksgiving Feast a Little Bit Brighter


     Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Edible Arrangements, all opinions are my own.

Transition your Thanksgiving table with festive yet edible centerpieces. Most of your guests will arrive before the food is done, so give them something to nibble on while they wait. You’ll want the table to look pretty, so why not add in a centerpiece that’s beautiful AND practical as well?

                 Autumn Swizzle Party™ Dipped Strawberries

Edible Arrangements has the perfect go-to Thanksgiving centerpieces in a variety of prices, so there’s something for everyone. They have baskets filled with a cornucopia of fruit and chocolate that the whole family will enjoy! The beautifully arranged fruit dipped chocolate is fresh, delightful, and looks so much better as a centerpiece than flowers do.

                     Delicious Party®  Dipped Fruit Delight

Thanksgiving doesn’t have to be stuffy or strictly proper. Remember it’s a day to spend with the ones you love and giving thanks. It should be fun and inviting, and your guests will appreciate all that you’ve done. It doesn’t matter if your Thanksgiving festivities are formal, modern, or traditional- Edible Arrangements will fit in any scheme of decor. These are just as useful as they are delicious.

Thanksgivings # 1 Centerpiece

I love that they combine harvest-hued colors mixed with chocolate leaves & a variety of fruit. Thanksgiving decoration ideas are just as bountiful as the thanks we are giving this season. You can combine an edible arrangement with traditional autumn decorations, like faux-painted pumpkins and colorful fall leaves.

                   Touchdown Delight™  Dipped Apples
Does your family enjoy sitting around watching Football while they eat? Do you already have some football decorations already in place for the big day? Why not add to it with this amazing Touchdown Delight Edible Arrangements piece?

Delicious Celebration®  Dipped Strawberries & Pineapple

These arrangements would also make amazing centerpieces for the kids tables. You know they’re always trying to sneak into the snacks before eating time, so let them. Give them the option of nibbling on something healthy while they wait for the Turkey and sides to be completed. They’ll love it and it won’t ruin their dinner.

Premier Apple Fruit Truffles®

Even if you aren’t the one hosting the dinner this year, bring a gift. Hostess Gifts are much appreciated. When someone invites you to their home to celebrate with them; whether family or friend show your appreciation. You could bring something for just the hostess, such as the picture above. Or you could give a full centerpiece that all the guests could enjoy, your call.

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