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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Neato Customizable Galaxy S4 Phone Case Skins


This review was brought to you by AdvertiseWithBloggers.com and Neato Cases– Enjoy :)

The best thing about having a Samsung Galaxy S4, is all the amazing customization's that are available. I mean, who could resist all those designer skins and cases? I, for one, love to make things my own. Make them unique to my tastes. Who has the money to buy a new case for each design we want? Definitely not me.


That’s where Neato Skins come in. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get the customization that you want. The Neato skins are blank phone case inserts that you can design and print all by yourself. No matter what you’re itching to make—pictures of your kids, your favorite sports team, your anniversary vacation…

What comes inside the box?
*5 Blank Skins
*Clear Phone Case
*Paper Test Sheet
*Online Design Software Code

Creating your own phone case is very simple. You download the software (the code comes inside the box), design your skin, insert your Neato skin into your printer, and done! I took a different step, I didn’t use my printer.


I whipped out my paints and let my kids help me design the cases. It was a good way to spend some creative time together, and they had tons of fun! I did too. I coached the kids on what to do after they chose their colors, we had all kinds of fun designs after we were done.

20141101_234602 20141102_180323
I wrote the “Stylish Southern Mama” and let my kids paint the colors by tracing over it. They also drew me a “flower” at the bottom. How awesome. There isn’t a case that you can’t have with this. We made all 5 with paint.

neato-clearneato-1 neato-jessneato-jess1neato-green 
See all the cool designs they made? I proudly display these on my phone. They are something I can keep long after my S4 is outdated.

They are easy to apply (like a sticker), and easy to remove as well. I love that I can peel them off without them leaving behind sticky residue. The case looks as clear as it did before I ever applied the skin. A+ from us!! We love it.

You can also do a Google Search for “Samsung Galaxy S4 backgrounds” if you aren’t up to designing your own. I just like to create stuff, so I decided to paint. The possibilities are absolutely endless. Whatever you like, you can add it to the skin and sport your “unique” love of horses, flaming hearts, your Christmas Holiday family picture…

S4 background lip s4 horse s4 pretty s4 flame hrt
Images Source: Wallpaperawesome.com

This would be the PERFECT gift for someone who loves custom skins. For $20 you get 5 skins, the software, and the clear case that goes on the phone. They even have refill packs so you can create even MORE designs. I’m addicted already.

What would you design if you won your own Skins? The giveaway will be posted shortly. :)

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links or sponsored content. All opinions are my own and completely honest.

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