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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Say Goodbye to Acne + Clogged Pores


Disclosure: I received products to facilitate this featured post.

Effectively clearing up acne is pretty tricky. There isn’t just ONE option available, because there are so many different skin types. It’s pretty hard to judge which one is the best for YOU, YOUR complexion, skin tone, and skin type. Oily, Normal, Combo?? It’s all so confusing at times, huh?

It is very common for pregnant and new moms to have acne because of their hormones. So if you are wondering how to kick that acne the EASY WAY= ZAPZYT is where you need to look. You don’t have to hide from pictures with your baby bump or new addition ANYmore. Smile bright sunshine- your face is clear!

Damaged skin, scarring, a lack in confidence and even depression are just a few of the symptoms that are associated with adult acne. Today, one in five women between the ages of 25 and 40 suffer from it.


From stress to hormonal influxes during or after pregnancy, there are a number of causes for breakouts in adults, but very few effective solutions. ZAPZYT offers one of them!

Using a variety of dermatologist-recommended formulas, ZAPZYT acne treatments are fast-acting, effective and are free of alcohol, fragrances and dyes. The line offers two cleansers – the ZAPZYT Acne Wash Cleanser and Pore Clearing Scrub, and two on-the-spot treatments – the ZAPZYT Acne Treatment Gel and Pore Treatment Gel, which features medications AND soothing botanicals to help heal and moisturize skin. Each product ranges from $4 to $9.


*Tips for Clear Acne-Free Skin

*Choosing Makeup + Moisturizers- Clear skin isn’t just about over washing- it’s also about what you PUT on. Make sure you are choosing the right foundations, BB Creams, and Powders for your skin type + texture. Any face washes, serums, + lotions also need to be checked.

*No touching- Make sure you aren’t touching your face throughout the day. The natural oils from our fingertips can cause breakouts, so watch out. Don’t lean your face on your hands or touch your face in any way- use makeup brushes for makeup AND day creams/facial products.

wikihow Image Source: WikiHow.com

After realizing you’re doing it, you might notice how OFTEN you’re doing it. More than you thought, right? Read this for tips on how to Keep your Hands Away From Your Face.

*Wash Nightly- Do NOT (no matter how tired you are) go to sleep with makeup on. It’s only going to take a couple minutes- 10 at the most. WASH and moisturize. Spreading makeup isn’t smart, produces more oil. Wash with Cleanser + Pore Treatment but also make sure you use a calming moisturizer cream (Such as Aveeno).

*Don’t Overwash- Overwashing your skin can cause more problems than it solves. Dirt isn’t necessarily what is giving you the acne, so keep washing to regular schedule. Overwashing your skin will eventually strip your skin of it’s natural oils. Then THAT will throw your skin out of whack, causing it to OVERPRODUCE oils that cause even more acne.

TIP: If your face feels tight after washing it, this is a tip you’re over-cleansing.

Wash with something that doesn’t have a foot-long list of ingredients. If what you’re using doesn’t help within a couple weeks/ months change what you’re using. You don’t want to switch it up too much and confuse your skin though. Give your pores time to react, keep with a product at least 2-4 weeks (unless you’re allergic)

*Snooze it up- Go ahead Sleeping Beauty! Hit the bed a little earlier. You are strengthening your immune system and blocking acne causing bacteria. 

*Change it Up-


Image Source: TheClearSkinProject.com

While you sleep, your pillowcase + sheets are trapping dirt, oil, and dead skin. During the night your pillowcase is producing a bed of bacteria that is constantly being pressed against your face. The solution is to change up your pillowcase + sheets as much as possible. For instance, if your acne is really bad, switch pillowcases every other night (or every night). This will give your pores air to breathe, + less chance of clogging up.

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