Thursday, January 5, 2012

January 3rd and 4th Blog Dare

I am going to have to write 2 Blog Dares in 1 post, because I was worn out and completely forgot.

Jan 3rd: Bucket List:  If you already  have one, review it and see what needs to be added or checked off.

I don’t already have a bucket list. I haven’t actually made one, so this will be the first for me.

*I want to own my own business selling items that I make.

*I want to take my kids to Disney World

*I want to stop being so full of Anxiety and let my kids stay the night somewhere so the hubs and I can go and have a night for ourselves.

*I want to write a book.

*I want to post tutorials on my blog

*I want to guest post on at least 10 blogs

*I want to own my own house with a building I could store my “shop items in”

*I want to go to a concert {only been to 1 my entire life}


Jan. 4th: What I shouldn't have bought this holiday season.

There wasn’t anything that I shouldn’t have bought. We only bought for our kids this year, and I made presents for everyone else. So there isn’t like some huge present or product that I bought that I wish I could return. Nope, this girl is totally guilt free this holiday season =)



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