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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

All About the Egg.

Yes. You heard right. Egg. As in humpty dumpty..

The egg is an amazing ingredient & I would love to tell you all about it D

The egg is an amazing & magic ingredient. It helps to form some of the most perfect and delicious recipes. Have you ever noticed that you can whip up just about anything as long as you have an egg? The egg is actually the artist behind it all.

Once you have mastered the techniques to making an egg, you’ll find it to be easy as well as fun. The egg to a cook is like a paintbrush to an artist, both create masterpieces. The egg allows beautifulness and texture into the recipe.

Whichever technique you are using the success key is time & temperature. Eggs should be cooked slowly on low to medium heat until the white sets. If cooking an omelet (which require a higher temp) it should only be for a short time.

Overheating can result in tough, liquid, or rubbery eggs..eww =(

So-refrain from disappointing results by skipping the high heat, which separate the protein and liquid.

With eggs, you don’t have to get all gadget happy. Gadgets such as poachers are nice to have but not necessary to gain the technique that’s called for in the recipe. You can almost always get by without them. There are substitutes you can use to gain the same effect. Eggs are simple, don’t think about it too much and eventually it will be as natural as breathing.

The egg is so much more than hard boiled eggs on Easter. It’s a “can’t do without” ingredient that create many recipes and make beautiful masterpieces possible.

There are two parts to an egg. The white & the yolk. The yolk is the fat & the flavor, as well as body. The white is 2/3 liquid & tons of protein.

Egg whites are whipped because they expand in volume. The yolk (fat) is removed because it keeps the white from foaming.

Knowing how to separate an egg (Isolating the white & yolk from each other) is a must know. When a fresh egg is cracked it will reveal a plump yolk & thick white. The same egg weeks later will reveal to be thin as water…

(More on eggs later…) A Jessi


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