Monday, April 5, 2010

Random Sites That I love

Random Sites that I love…

Narrative Writing Tutorial

“A narrative tells a story. Telling a story aloud is very different from writing a story down on paper. When a story is told out loud, we tend to "hop around", leave out important details, and forget to explain characters. In a sense all of that is okay, our gestures, expressions, and tones of voice can carry a lot of information. The reader of a written narrative expects more and needs more. The story cannot be simply "talk written down.”


It is a site that helps you manage
your money and see where it goes.
It is FREE, so no gimmicks or scams.
Just plain FREE…

“We download and categorize your

balances and transactions

automatically every day— making it

effortless to see graphs of your

spending, income, balances, and net


dailyshite.com where I found.. coffee1

which was created by the

oatmeal.com. Which is such an

awesome site.


If you love his movies, you’ll

love this site.

Ninja Turtles as Classical art.

ninja turtles as classical art

ninja turtles as classical art2 ninja turtles as classical art3 ninja turtles as classical art4

ninja turtles as classical art5

These perfect looking pancakes

from Thimble


with this strawberry sauce



cool way to teach you how to

type. If you don’t know

how, even better if you do.


ClipBoards with Class


Nerdy Shirts

  • These Don't Make Me A Killer Funny T Shirt

  • Quick Fix Nintendo Video Game Funny T Shirt

  • Reading is for Awesome People

  • The I Love Google Funny T Shirt

    Thanks for taking this time to look @ these wonderful websites…


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