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Thursday, June 17, 2010

How to Start & Run A Craft Business

You don’t even want to know the number of hours I have spent searching and searching for info on how to do this. I have spent 3 whole years reading every craft book in site, Spending countless of hours on the internet looking at everything I could think of on how to start up.. Plus went to college for an associates business management and admin with marketing as my minor. I know how hard it is to get a leg up in business, especially since I’m a mom of 2 living in a small town with no financial investments. So I’ve made a plan to do what I can when I can.

It is so awesome to see people helping other people and there are a lot of people with faith in others. When I found The Artful Crafters website, it made me so happy. It is a website with all the info on how to start and maintain a crafting business.

Here is an insert from her blog.

“My first career was as a special education teacher. After 15 years of teaching I earned an MBA degree followed by CFA (Certified Financial Analyst) certification. After 15 years in finance I was a vice-president and portfolio manager of a major insurance company before I was downsized.

Tired of the rat race, I opted for early retirement. Looking for something to do with all my free time, I started an at home craft business and am now making a nice supplemental income from it.

As a crafter and a businesswoman, I feel I have some valuable insights into the craft business that I can share with you.”

Here is the main page

Here are the links that I think are so helpful..

*An Intro to Market Research

*Marketing your product

*Marketing Tips & More Marketing Tips

*Cost Control & Cost Control Part 2

*Pricing your products right

*How to gain the confidence to sell

*Are Freebie Websites Worth it?

*Ebay Selling Tips

*Maximizing Profits on Craft Auctions

*Attracting Visitors

*Learn Craft Trends

*Pay Attention to your customers

*How to be like a marketing pro

*Watch the trend watchers

*Be Unique

*Selling Tips


*Finding a Crafty Partner


I hope you find this site as inspiring as I did. I love how well she teaches you how to do things, she doesn’t just TELL..she shows. I want to thank her for posting this to help the little crafters in the world..

♥Thanks for thinking of us.





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