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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My Day Today & Tutorials, Tutorials, and more tutorials..

I have had a pretty awesome day today. Went to the grocery store. {now I can drink all the coffee I want $

and we took the kids to the park. I didn’t get any pictures because I am lazy and haven’t charged my camera after it died on the 4th. I have so much to do, but Adisyn always tries to steal my pencils {and I can never get them back} and grab the scissors , so I definitely can’t sew or write when she’s awake.

So I decided after relaxing at the park with the kids and cooking out {Yay- no dishes to wash} #

I decided to show a little love and feature some tutorials. I can’t get enough of them. I sleep, eat, and drink crafting and writing and reading and somehow now blogging. I am always thinking of things to say and ways to write things (which is GREAT) because I feel as if I am getting better at writing and my voice in the writing.

I love showing off other people’s work, because not only does it give me ideas, it lets the makers of these tutorials KNOW we appreciate them and their work and thank them for the time and commitment they give into sharing their ideas with us.

I am going to be making a button here soon for people that I feature and I will be sure to post it on here and email it to the people I have showcased already.

If you would like me to show off something you made, just let me know.

I love you guys♥

Craftaholic Anonymous has this awesome 4th of July Jello that she shows us how to make. It looks so yummy. {This is the reason the post was started anyway}..

I know, I know-it’s PAST the 4th. But come’on Jello is Jello..

Jello is Awesome +

Make it & Love it has given us the tutorial to make an awesome high chair cover..{here}

Crafterhours shows us how to make this awesome cutomized scissors..

I SO want a pair. ☺

Craftiness is not optional shows us how to make this awesome ruffle bib.

Obsessively Stitching shows us this awesome tutorial on how to make a toddler bath robe out of a dish towel {here}

thelongthread shows us how to spice up an old jar with the ribbon sleeve


and for those of you trying the digital scrapbooking as I am, I want to share with you this awesome website

Free Digital Scrapbooking which show you how to choose a software, finding free trials, getting started, and more. {here}

Plus they have free fonts, kits, papers, and embellishments.

here are some of the fonts


New add 6/14/07

New add 6/14/07

Grunge Theme - More Free Grunge Fonts

New added 2/28/06

84 Rock  by Jan Paquetteonath

New add 2/28/07

Morphing  by Eric Mynahan

New add 2/28/07

Handwriting Theme - More Free Handwriting Fonts

New added 2/28/07

aka Fribolity                   New add 2/28/07

Girls are Weird by Robot Johnny

One of my favorite tutes {here} which is how to make your own digital rick-rack. Yay. hope you like it.



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