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Friday, August 13, 2010

Go Spida~Man!!. CostumeDiscounters.com {Review}

Costume Discounters have some of the most amazing costumes I had ever seen. It was hard to pick a favorite. There were such great choices, that I didn’t know which one would be best..They had cute little outfits for Adisyn and Cool Superhero Costumes for Aidan. Look at some of them. I had a hard time choosing between the

Bandstand Baby Toddler Costume & Minnie Mouse for Adisyn. They are both so adorable and would suit her well. She wouldn’t like the ears so well, but that’s just Adisyn. I can’t bows or bands in her hair for 2 seconds. These are both unique and not totally massed produced and cheap looking. These are high quality costumes for cheap prices and I was glad to be working with them. They also have awesome kid costumes.

Bandstand Baby Infant Toddler CostumeMinnie Mouse Toddler Infant Costume 

and then there was Aidan. With him starting headstart and doing so well, I wanted to get him something fun. He has been going to sleep without a sippy, peeing in the potty, and doing really well at school. He loves superhero’s, airplanes, and cars. So when I seen IronMan and SpiderMan it was hard to choose which one he would love the best.

Toddler Muscle Chest Iron Man CostumeToddler Spider Man Muscle Costume

Since Spiderman is the one he has little miniatures of, underwear, stuff animals, and a chair. I figured he would love it. I was exactly right. I know it’s not halloween, we’re not going to a costume party or anything like that. I don’t care if he wants to wear it just because he wants to. It’s great to indulge kids sometimes just for no reason. It is better to get your costumes before halloween though. Last year My best friend, her husband, and son were Barney, Betty, and Bam-Bam. While I, Adam, and the kids were Willma, Fred, Dino, and Pebbles. We were late ordering our costumes and finally had to buy @ the Halloween tent. Adam’s costumes and My costume were like $75 a piece. I’ll show you some pics some other time.

Here are the pictures in this amazing costume. He didn’t want to take it off. It slipped over his clothes and shoes easily, and I didn’t have to get a bigger costume then his clothes. He wears 3T and the size of the costume is 3T. It was amazing how much he loved it. He seriously a lot of fun. We flew through the house and shot “invisible” web everywhere. It was a fun experience to have with him. He comes up to me and says “I wanna be spida-man.” He doesn’t say spider- it’s spida..☺

He fell down when mommy shot the web back though..

Spida-Man down..please help..LOL


Of course after Aidan was done with the costume, Adisyn wanted a turn to be spider-man. Seriously- Are these not the best pictures EVER of her? She had an amazing time.

They also have some really cute adult costumes..I think these are awesome =)

These are the women’s costumes. I would wear all of their costumes. They are all so well designed and amazing.

Greek Goddess Adult CostumeWomens Grease Sexy Sandy Costume

Here’s some from the Men’s section that I would love to see Adam wear. Cracks me up just thinking about it.

Hippie Male Adult CostumeShaggy Adult CostumeMacho Maui Man Costume

Awesomely awesome, huh? I think so.

They even have a low price guarantee where if you buy the costume and find the same one cheaper. They will match prices and then lower it 20%. Plus if you buy it for 3:00 PM EST, they ship it the same day. No waiting, no hassles. Just amazing costumes providing laughs and fun♥

I was not paid to review these items. Costume Discounters did send me a costume to review for Aidan. We thank them for the fun they gave us when sending us this costume. I do think Aidan may try to keep it forever…



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