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Say No to $1.50 per 2 liter, Say Yes to SodaStream


Sodastream | turn water into fresh sparkling water and soda

SodaStream is an at-home soda maker. They are sleek, fun to use, and come in several fashions. I got a chance to work with SodaStream on a review, and was amazed at the quality of soda that it produces. I thought the soda might come out overly carbonated or taste like really cheap soda, but it didn’t.

Making soft drinks and carbonated water has become a climbing trend, as more consumers are becoming environmentally aware of the build up that plastic and aluminum has on our earth.

Sodastream makes it easier to be eco-friendly, reducing our carbon footprints. Just think of the gas the trucks use to make it to the store with the 2 liters and cases of cokes. Think of the energy it requires to make plastic and aluminum, and think of all the plastic and aluminum that end up in the dump.

You can now enjoy soda without the hassle of tugging bottles or cases from the store. More importantly, no leftover cans or plastic. see the facts on what those plastic bottles do to the earth {here}.

How Does SodaStream Help the Environment?

SodaStream is an "Active Green" product, meaning that consumers  are actively reducing their CO2

footprint every time they make soda  or sparkling water at home instead of buying it from the store. The more the system is used on a daily basis, the more CO2 footprint

the user actively saves. (This differs from "Passive Green" products, which use green-friendly production processes, but their products are not inherently helping the consumers save on their daily footprint.)

Because SodaStream uses water straight from the tap, the system makes traditional store-bought beverage bottles obsolete. That means less plastic manufactured, less plastic waste is created, and fewer bottled beverages must be transported from manufacturers to distributors to stores to homes.

Globally, 206 billion liters of bottled water were consumed in 2008 (Zenith International Global Bottled Water Report, 2008). The energy required to make water bottles in the US only, is equivalent to 17 million barrels of oil (Container Recycling Institute, 2002).

You can turn regular cold tap water into soda or carbonated water in less than 30 seconds. Yes- you heard me right. Less than 30 seconds with no mess to clean up afterward. It is very easy to clean, and it is  reusable. That is so awesome in my book. Reusable, easy to clean, and fits in the side door of my refrigerator perfectly.

The SodaStream Soda Maker doesn’t use electric or batteries. It comes as is- you just screw in the carbonator in the back, fill the bottle with water, screw the bottle into the maker, and press the button. Wah-lah.

This is the machine. First run your tap water and place the bottle underneath and then All you do is push the big black lever you see on the top of the machine. It tilts and you tip the bottle a little and place it on the long white piece and screw the bottle in place.

There is a gray button on top that you push for the carbonator to work. This is where you can experiment a little. You can push it firmly and quickly for a less carbonated coke or water. Or you can press it as many times if you like it to be quite fizzy.

Then you take your choice of flavor..which mine is lemonade this time. 

You unscrew the lid and fill it up with the flavor. I added a little more than a capful and added a little extra sugar to it.

Tip the water bottle a little to prevent any spills, and just pour the flavor in.


You should see it cloud up..


and just tip it upside down slowly a couple of times.


put it in the freezer for like 5-10 minutes and you have the best tasting lemonade at it’s coldest in a really short time. Isn’t that awesome? Fresh tasting lemonade at your fingertips.


They have a variety of sodamakers to choose from, so that it will match your decor & styling if you have certain colors in your kitchen. I love this though. You don’t have to settle with plain black~ you can get pink, blue, yellow, or white. They are so amazing and colorful. They also offer a 30 day money back guarantee if your not satisfied, and they offer a 2 year warranty for all new sodamakers.

The Soda Mix Flavors.

Making your favorite flavor of soda, sparkling water, or energy drink is simple and fun with sodastream’s wide variety of syrups. They have the regular, diet, and caffeine free, but they also have exotic flavors like diet pink grapefruit and orange mango. They also have cocktail mixers, energy drinks and sparkling iced teas.

Call it whatever you wish~ whether it be soda water, sparkling water, club soda or seltzer. All you have to do is carbonate the water and pour about half a teaspoon to a teaspoon (according to what you like) into the water. They have lemon-lime, raspberry, and orange. I also added a little raspberry into the cola and it was great. Like flavored coke.

The reason I love it so much is because you can control how much carbonation goes into the soda or water. You get to experiment and find the exact taste you like best. You get to choose. You can either push the button quickly and firmly to have it slightly carbonated or press more for carbonation if you like the fizz.

Each bottle of sodamix makes about 12 liters (about 33 cans) for around 25 cents per liter. Can you say “Wow”? That is a major saving. Say no to soda at $1.25 per bottle, the sodastream is an investment that pays for itself quickly.

You can find SodaStream on facebook, flickr, myspace, twitter, and youtube.

They even have a blog.

I was not paid to review SodaStream Products. They were just nice enough to let me try their products myself and state my own opinion of it. I thank them for giving me this joy of experiments. Sometimes I imagine I am mixing up a concoction of mad scientist type of stuff. Just Kidding, but it is really fun and so much better than having to run to the store every time we run out.

You can buy one{here}if your interested.




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