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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Keep Those Sippy’s Close with the No Throw {Review}

no throw

I have recently had the chance to review NoThrow. If you don’t know what it is~ I am here to tell you.


NoThrow will help save your sanity in some form in the future, I promise you that. As moms we tend to have to pick up the same thing about a million times. Babies and kids love to throw things, no matter what’s in hand. This no-throw is like a leash for their cups, not allowing them to throw it around. Isn’t that cool?

All you have to do is take the Velcro side, through the handle side while attaching it to the stroller/high chair/ car seat. It stays put no matter what they try to do to take it off. It not only holds Sippy's, but bottles, pacifiers and even little dolls or whatever.

I pulled out the double stroller one day and walked towards my best friends house. Aidan sits in the front and Adisyn sits in the back. Somehow my best friend had started walking to meet me and I ended up at her house without her there. So I walked back down to the church to wait for her. When I got back to her house, Aidan started saying he was thirsty. I couldn’t find the sippy for the life of me. I looked everywhere, and knew he had thrown it somewhere. I didn’t know where, but I knew it was a gonner.

Later on that week, as I was driving down main street, I seen the sippy in the yard of the church. It was bright orange and hard to miss, but If I would have had the NoThrow I wouldn’t have had the problem of Aidan pitching it overboard.

The NoThrow’s are not only practical in use, but beautiful in design. They have so many to choose from it’s unbelievable.

About The No Throw Company:

We are Karla and Karen, Twin sisters, originally from Chicago. When our sons were still babies, we lived within a mile from each other and were about to enjoy taking walks to the park with our children or being able to drop in on each other for a cup of coffee. Soon after that, Karla and her family moved to Detroit. As a result of this move, we found ourselves traveling back and forth between the two states more than we ever imagined. During those trips Karla’s son Alex kept throwing his sippy cup all over the car. After one particularly embarrassing flight Karla called Karen and said “there has to be something out there to stop this embarrassment.” The NoThrow (as in DANNY/ALEX! NO THROW YOUR BOTTLE/CUP), is our answer. Today we are available in over 10 thousand stores across the U.S. and are exploring distribution in Europe. We continue to have tremendous success with the NoThrow. Parents and caregivers all over the U.S. consistently send us feedback saying how invaluable our invention is to them. Our customers buy the NoThrow for family and friends as gifts because they are so happy with it themselves.



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