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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Shushybye & Goodnight {Book & CD} review & giveaway


When nighty-night comes

We close our eyes

To dream our dreams

From Shushybye..

I have had the amazing opportunity to review Shushybye sleepover surprise {book} and shushybye and gooddnight {cd} by the shushybye band.

This is such an amazing little book. It has the cutest little characters to help your kids get interested in going to sleep. It helped Aidan learn when to turn the page because it has a little whistle when your supposed to turn the page. It is a cute little book that your children will enjoy and it will help you get them to want to sleep.

This is a cool cd because even I want to listen to it. It doesn’t sound like any other music I’ve heard for kids. It is just overall a relaxing cd that could put even the most hyper of kids to sleep.

Aidan and Adisyn’s favorites are Shushybye & Goodnight and Snoozles in my Room. I actually liked all the songs on the cd. They sound more like a pop/rock kind of music that even parents would love to listen to.

Adisyn and Aidan loved dancing to this. It was too funny and awesome to do after bath time. It helps them wind down and get ready to crawl into bed.

All the songs are really cute and have a great tune. It’s awesome to see my kids interact so greatly with these little characters and dancing to the music. I am actually thinking of giving this to Aidan’s headstart teachers to help the kids wind down before nap time. I think all the kids would love it.

For Shushybye Fans everywhere...

Shushybye and Goodnight. The Deluxe Edition presents a wondrous collection of all-time Shushybye original song. Including never-before-released Shushybye favorites plus 12 all-time Shushy hits in one deluxe edition CD.

I would recommend this to parents everywhere. It is a nice addition to the books they have and the Cd is amazing.

About Shushybye

SHUSHYBYE is a preschool entertainment and lifestyle brand designed to inspire children to look forward to sleep time and help parents prepare their children for sleep in a fun and loving way that encourages imagination. Importantly, SHUSHYBYE helps create healthful sleep habits for toddlers and preschoolers.

Shushybye is the original dream-themed entertainment brand for pre-schoolers, encompassing a national television series on BabyFirstTv and Comcast Video on Demand.

Meet the Shushies

The Shushies who live in Shushybye make dreams that are delivered to children in Shushybye Dream Boxes by Conductor McCloud and the Shushybye Train as they fall asleep. Living in such Shushybye villages as Nap Valley, Snore Shore, Slumber Heights and Yawn Island, the Shushies love to make dreams - and they also love music. After they make their dreams for the night, the Shushies gather in Pillow Park to dance to the live music of Rockin' Shushie and The Shushybye Dream band.
SNOOZLES, DOZIE and ZEEZ are best friends. They live in Nap Valley where they make their Shushybye dreams and always hang out together.

As the Shushybye King's Official Helper, SNOOZLES is the main Shushie in all Shushybye. The Shushybye King gave Snoozles a magic Dream Wand which Snoozles waves to visit children - and even bring them and their parents back to Shushybye. Snoozles is a fun-loving and very caring Shushie.

[click to hear Snoozle's Voice]

DOZIE is a girl Shushie, so she has all the smarts (of course!). DOZIE is always coming up with great ideas. She also loves to dance and has a bit of a crush on SNOOZLES. Children can always rely on DOZIE for the most wondrous dreams - and for her sweetness and joy.

[click to hear Dozie's Voice]

Then there's ZEEZ, who is totally cool. ZEEZ calls everyone 'dude.' Next to making dreams (which are always very creative), ZEEZ digs the Shushybye Dream Band. But there's nothing ZEEZ likes to do more than sleep. ZEEZ always enjoys meeting new children - and he knows how to be a good friend.

[click to hear Zeez's Voice]

CONDUCTOR MCCLOUD is a wondrous Shushie - 'wondrous' is one of the more popular SHUSHYBYE phrases. He loves his job delivering SHUSHYBYE Dream Boxes to sleeping children nightly. He is gentle and nurturing - and all the Shushies look up to him.

Royal and regal, THE SHUSHYBYE KING rules over SHUSHYBYE with love and dedication. He lives in the SHUSHYBYE Palace (located on a private cloud in Nap Valley), which, from the outside looks kind of small - but once inside, his home is spacious and grand. Which goes to show, you can never tell a book by its cover.

In their own way, SNORT and WHEEZ - whose job it is to pick up Dream Boxes in their rickety Dream Van and bring them to the Shushybye Train - are also caring and kind. However, to be perfectly frank, they're a little on the slow side. Somehow, these comical fellows are still able to get their important job done!!


It is a good way for the kids to use their imagination and help them go to sleep easier.

Shushybye is generously giving away a book and cd to one lucky Lime Green Dreams reader.

To enter

(Mandatory) Go to Shushybye and tell me your favorite character..

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Good Luck ♥Jess


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