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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Street Moda {Review} Brand Name Shoes & Apparel for Cheap

I was lucky enough to get to review a pair of diesel shoes from Street Moda.

These are the most comfortable shoes I own and I wear them all the time now. They are lightweight and go with everything. They are practical yet extravagantly designed. These shoes retail for $90.00 but are sold for $29.99 at Street Moda. Which price would you prefer to pay?



I definitely would pay the $30 before the $90. Being a mom means putting the kids before myself and so I don’t have money falling out of my pockets to be able to spend tons of money on a pair of shoes or anything for that matter. I want a reasonable price for the shoes I want and that’s exactly what Street Moda has provided.

Street Moda is a cutting edge retailer of authentic brand name footwear, apparel and accessories at prices that can't be beat on the street.

I love Street Moda because they have a wide variety of brands to choose from which are all sold at cheap prices that you wouldn’t even think about seeing in shoe stores.


About Street Moda:

We carry the top junior and street wear brands in the world. The company was founded in 2005 by Internet entrepreneur Matt Kubancik, who was 18 at the time. Matt founded the company because growing up, he always wanted to the latest and hottest designer gear but could not afford the exorbitant prices retailers were charging. Coming from a very humble background, Matt wanted other people who came up from the same type of background as him to be able to access the latest and hottest designer gear at prices 50-80% off normal retail prices. Today, streetmoda.com is one of the largest independent footwear and apparel retailers on the web. Staying true to his roots, Kubancik devotes a lot of his energy to giving back. He works closely with Safe Place Services, which helps and shelters runaway kids, kids with bad family situations and kids with no where to run to. He can often be found giving out shoes to the kids at the local shelter, and also holding fashion show fundraisers for the organization.

Other products I ♥ from them..

Love these boots

These Coach Rainboots

These Doc Martin Boots

and this hoodie..


I was not paid to do this review. Street Moda was nice enough to let me review their products. The opinions expressed in this blog are purely my own opinion and is in no way persuaded..

Thanks Street Moda..

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