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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

SuperMarket Smarty {Review} The New Dry Erase Grocery List

It is so much easier getting items  you need when  your organized. My shopping experiences used to result in chaos because my shopping lists were unorganized. Not to mention the items I would forget to put on the list that I remembered I needed later...after leaving the store...my luck..lol

supermarket smarty - re-usable eco-friendly grocery list

But this SuperMarket Smarty is an amazing dry erase grocery list that helps you come home from the store without thinking “how in the world did I forget that”?

This list has everything grouped in categories such as:

*Dairy-where milk, eggs, and butter belong

*Deli- where cheese, sandwich meat, and salads & dips belong

*Fruits & Veggies- Not letting you forget the healthiest and most essential foods (not to mention delicious) including fresh herbs, nuts, and dried fruit.

*Whole Grains- helping you decide a healthier lifestyle of eating choices such as whole grain cereal, bread, muffins, tortillas, and rolls.

It also includes list of grains (rice...), pasta, and snacks in healthier choices such as suggesting oatmeal raisin cookies, baked chips, granola bar, air popped popcorn, pretzels, and crackers instead of chocolate, candy, and regular chips.


Steak Sauce, Ketchup, Peanut Butter, Jelly, and Canola Oil..

*Beverages- Juice, coffee & coffee filters, tea, water, hot cocoa, orange juice..

*Spices-Salt, soy sauce, peppers..

*Frozen-fruit, ice cream, fries, pizza, waffles, hamburger, veggies..

*Canned-applesauce, beans, peas, tuna, broth, soup, veggies, fruit & more.

*Fish/seafood- catfish, shrimp, salmon....

*Meats-which include chicken, turkey, beef, pork...etc

*Supplies-Baking (flour, honey, sugar, breadcrumbs) Kitchen (Foil, Freezer Bags, Garbage Bags, Plastic Wrap) Paper Goods (Cups, Toilet paper, Tissue, Paper Towels..) Cleaning Supplies (Bathroom Cleaner, Detergent, Bleach, Dish Detergent, Furniture Polish...)

*Personal Care- (conditioner, shampoo, deodorant, soap, lotion, toothpaste..)

*Other- Batteries, Ice, Tape..

It has a notes section in case they have forgotten something you  need like poster board or new thread or whatever..or you just need to write a personal note to yourself such as..

Rack up on canned foods

We need glue for School art project

Pens and Pencils needed.


it also comes with a daily meal planner, so that you can plan what you need for meals on that day/week.

It has a pocket to hold coupons and the meal planner.

It has a symbol key to show you what each little icon means such as

lean protein, healthy fat, superfood, potassium...

This is a great way to eat better foods that you make you feel better instead of running in and grabbing random things. It helps you to stay organized and helps for a better shopping experience.

The SuperMarket Smarty has a magnifying glass right on the front to help read nutritional values on your food instead of squinting or tossing the food in the cart without looking at it.

This is an amazing reusable list that I will never go to the grocery store without. It fits in my purse perfectly and I don’t have to worry about it getting crumpled up and ripped because it is laminated.

It comes with a magnetic clip that holds you list on your refrigerator or filing cabinet.

I would definitely say this is a product worth the money. It has already been a great help to me in the short time I’ve had it. Saving me double trips to the store or not having something I need for breakfast.

W.H.A.T? What about it? If you can ask yourself WHAT? before choosing a food, you’ll be good to go.

W-Whole Wheat?

H-Healthy Oils?

A- Added Sugar?

T-Trans Fat?

Supermarket Smarty™ is a new Reusable Dry Erase Grocery List created by Patricia Tritt, a stay-at-home mom who wanted to help her family eat healthier.  The dry erase list, which opens up horizontally like a pamphlet uses fun, colorful symbols to highlight the nutritional benefits of foods like fruits & vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, healthy fats and more.  The symbols remind you to check off the best choices, taking the thinking out of healthy food shopping!

The list evolved out of Patricia’s own grocery list/nutrition ‘crib sheet’ that she brought to the supermarket each week to help her remember all the healthiest foods to include in her and her family’s diet.  She eventually had it laminated for dry erase (making it reusable) and added a coupon pocket, meal planning insert and embedded magnifying lens on the front cover to help people read fine print on packaging and labels.  It’s a complete system that can be clipped to your refrigerator (it comes with a magnet clip and dry erase marker), and items can be marked as you think of them throughout the week.  Now Healthy Food Shopping is as easy as Write, Wipe & Erase!

Order Supermarket Smarty™

The Smarty package includes:

  • Supermarket Smarty reusable dry erase grocery list
  • Retractable refillable dry erase marker.
  • Free magnetic clip (to hang on your refrigerator) free magnetic clip with every order

    $9.99 + shipping & handling




I was not paid to do this review. I did receive a SuperMarket Smarty to review, and the opinions in the blog are my own. I was not in any way persuaded to write this.



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