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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Product Review/Giveaway- KAMsnaps

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As a crafter, I hated sewing velcro on every single thing I wanted to attach together. I mean, yes- it IS durable and DOES hold it together, but wouldn’t it be much easier if you could use SNAPS? The velcro doesn’t last for very long, maybe 6m-1 year at the most. Hairs and fibers get stuck in the velcro.
When you’re a crafter, and your making products you want to sell- you wouldn’t want them to have something to suggest inadequacy on your part. You’re only going to want the best, whether it be the fabric- or it’s closure.
So would that be KAMSNAPS?
Most definitely.
When using KAMSNAPS, you get the snaps and the presser (& tools to fix your presser).

  • A set of Pliers for plastic snaps. Set comes with pliers, small screw driver, awl (the pokey thing), 4 cap dies (the 3 black things) to fit a variety of plastic snap sizes, including size 14, 16, 20, and star, and 2 top metal rods
  • Size 20 snap sets. You can order 2 sets of 100 each (200 sets total) for 25% off regular price if you order them with your pliers. I got the lime green snaps.
  • Free shipping over $28.
By the time I got the KAMSnaps, my son and daughter were already in pull ups, so I just decided to Make a bunch of make-up bags and such with these snaps as holders.
You can see the color chart below..

A close up of the snap

How they go together,,

At first- I kept squeezing the pliers too hard on the snaps and it was bending the prongs. I had to use just enough strength to put it through, but yet not enough to damage the snap. I like these. I definitely loved using these as closures for whatever I am making at the time. They bring out the cuteness in a fabric. You can use same color, or contrasting color snaps to get a different effect.
I have since used KamSnaps for many different projects, and think that most crafters will switch once they hear about these. They are plastic, about the size of a dime, and very easy to use. It beats having to sew velcro on to make something stay shut.
Would I recommend these to you?
Yes, I would.
KAMsnaps.com also offers:
  • Discounts on bulk orders.
  • Fast, free shipping on most US orders of at least $28 and most Canada orders of at least $35.
  • Price matching guarantee – see the same item for less elsewhere? Let us know and we’ll match it.
  • Referral special – we'll send you 200 free snaps as our way of thanking you for telling your friends about us.
  • Reward Points program – automatically receive a $5 gift certificate for every $100 you spend.
  • Monthly sales and specials.
  • Giveaways because who doesn’t love free stuff?
You can even get a chance to win it for yourself…
Win it!: KAMsnaps has graciously offered a $20 credit to KAMsnaps.com to one of my readers!
This is my own opinion of the product. I was not compensated in any way. I agreed to do this review in exchange for products, and I would like to thank the company for giving me the chance to work with them.


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