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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Hold-All Cosmetic Bag Tutorial

SALE 25 Assorted 7 and 8 Inch YKK Zippers
How to make a carry-all bag.


Fabric Scraps
Sewing Machine

How to>♥

First I want to show you all the amazing zippers I got from Zipit on Etsy.
I paid 12.00 (including shipping and handling) for 25 7&8 inch assorted zippers.

1) Measure your zipper to your fabric. Lay your zipper on top of your fabric. Make sure you leave a little extra for your seam & Trim.

2) Cut your bag how big you want it in proportion to the opening. Cut an outside fabric {Mine is the blue plaid} and an inside {pink plaid} My bag is 10x11


3)Take your lining and place it beside your sewing machine. Get your thread and bobbin and place it inside your machine.


4)Turn your lining fabric inside out, pin all around. Leaving an opening for the zipper.


5)Mark your opening with a dissolvable fabric pen.


6)Start sewing around the outside edges. Remember to backstitch at the beginning and end, so it doesn’t unravel.


7)Cut around the edges of your stiches as close as you can, making sure not to cut the thread.


8)Now repeat for the outside of the bag.024

9)Smooth your fabrics. Then flip your inside fabric to where the printed side is on the inside. Then place it inside your outside fabric.

Flip it to where your outside fabric is inside your lining fabric.

10)Pin and sew

11) Now flip it right side out.

12) Roll your opening down, pin, & sew around.

13)Do it again, so that your seam is neat.

14) Place zipper in place and pin on one side. Then sew.

15)Unpin and repin on the other side. Unzip the zipper, Then sew.
16) Your done! YAY
Zipit from Etsy is just so fabulous that she is giving Made.By.Jess readers 15% off any order in her etsy shop. Use the code: sewcraftable.

I want to thank Zipit for giving you guys the discount. You can see the quality and awesomeness of her zippers. If you’re a crafter, you’ll realize that this is a really awesome deal.



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