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Smart and Sexy Review & Giveaway

Smart & Sexy Lingerie
Hot for the Holidays
Have you ever felt more sexy or confident then when you were wearing something that fits you so perfectly that you feel like it’s a second skin?
Smart and Sexy has you covered. Not only do they have the most beautiful products, they also sell them cheap. They aren’t charging  you big bucks to feel as amazing as you can. As a mom, I love this. I can’t be spending too much on bra’s and panties.
Not only do they offer these amazing products cheap, they also give donations to people in need. They donated $200 to feeding America for Thanksgiving.
Adam wanted to get me some lingerie from Victoria’s Secret last year for Christmas. He looked at them {I’m serious here} and his mouth dropped when he seen the price. He was like “Why do they charge so much for something that has basically no material?” Good Question.
Don’t you just feel rockin’ when you are wearing something sexy? The choice of your Bra and Panties usually make or break the day for me. When I was younger, I would choose thongs, or g-strings- but as you grow older they become more and more uncomfortable. I would rather stick to a full sexy panty.
I was sent three items to review.
The first item is the bra.
It isn’t in their online store, but it does resemble this {one} in it’s design. It is an extreme push up bra. It doesn’t feel extremely padded though, and that’s what I love about it. It looks normal, and you can’t see the bulge that is usually seen when someone is wearing a push-up bra.
Extreme Pushup
Believe me. I had a bad case of this in my high school junior year picture. Some people said they didn’t notice when I asked them, but I could definitely tell. You could see the point where the bra didn’t form fit my skin.
No worries with such a thing with this one. It’s like a mold to my body. Not tight, not loose, but just right. This is a type of bra that you want to keep for as long as possible. I actually think it’s better than most bra’s that I have purchased at Victoria’s Secret. This bra is amazing because of the stretch satin fabric. It makes it feel as if it moves with you. It doesn’t grind into my back. It has a double loop in the front that connects the cups together.
It has double straps that make you feel like maybe you aren’t wearing a bra. I’ve had so many bra’s falling off my shoulders because they wouldn’t adjust right. This bra adjusts anyway you need it too. It has 3 closures in the back, so you are getting the perfect fit.
Not only can this be used as an intimate wear to get your love life back in shape, it can also be used as an everyday wear bra. You can wear it anywhere, with no worries. And feel so AMAZING.
What can I tell you? I’m in love.
The second thing I was sent to review was the panties.
006 The panties weren’t online either- but they are most like these. I really liked these panties because they didn’t ride up, or bunch up. I usually wear low-rise jeans and they weren’t poking out of the top for the whole world to see. They have such a soft, stretchy feel that you don’t have to worry about anything feeling uncomfortable, or later wishing you hadn’t worn them.
They fit perfectly, matched the bra perfectly, and made me feel PERFECT. How can that be? It’s in the material {and the price}. The stretchy fabric lets you move as you please, while wearing anything you want over top of them.
The third item was this nightie.
I have always had a problem finding a good fitting lingerie. Most would swallow me whole in the cup sizes. Not this one. It fit so well that Adam was astonished when he seen it. He loved it.
It felt so great against my skin. I hate those ones that make you itch like crazy because of whatever lining they have. This one is soft and comfortable through and through.
You can find this {here} for only $20.
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Disclosure: I was not compensated for this review. All opinions are my own, and are completely honest. I did receive products in exchange for the honest review. I want to thank Smart and Sexy for sponsoring this on my blog
Now for the giveaway.
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Thanks, Jessica

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