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Monday, January 9, 2012

Blog Dares.. Jan 5- Jan 9


I am totally slacking when it comes to remembering my Blog Dares. I should post something to remind me, I just have been so swamped with Reviews/Giveaways and Events. I promise to try harder..

Thursday  January 5, 2012

Something lost...

My Ring from my Grandma. I lost it last year before she passed away. It went with the set she gave me. My fingers swelled, so I put them on a necklace around my neck. Adisyn popped the chain and they went everywhere. I still never found it. I wish I could. I feel so bad♥

Friday  January 6, 2012

My "special" place.  {Where do you go for quiet/alone or regrouping time}

There isn’t a place in my house that I can go to regroup. I have to do all my blogging, reading, writing, and crafting in whatever room I am in at the time. My kids will follow me to the end of the earth. They have to know where I am every second, so alone time isn’t something I get to treasure very often…

I am hoping that when we move into a house that I can have a little room for all my crafts/books/binders to be so I don’t have stuff all over the house like I do now.

Saturday  January 7, 2012

Something you need daily?

I totally need coffee. I wish I didn’t, but with Adisyn getting up in the middle of the night and then Aidan getting up early in the morning. I am sleep deprived. REALLY. All I want to do is crawl up in the bed and take a nap right now♥

Sunday  January 8, 2012

Too much television...

Not for me. I don’t usually watch that much TV. When I do, I watch House M.D., Desperate Housewives, Real TV, Discovery Channel, and any TV channel that has Cold Case Files.

Monday  January 9, 2012

I never thought I'd find this in my child's room...

Adisyn has had a habit lately of getting into everything she can find within reach, so needless to say we have to keep all kinds of stuff up. She still managed to get into my fabric scissors that were in a bucket like 5 foot off the ground. She climbed on my desk while I was washing dishes and cut her hair.

Yep, I found hair strands in her room where she had chopped her hair.


Thanks for taking the time to read this. I need to be more prompt when posting these..


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