Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My First Interview: @ Mommy Community

Mom Blogger Interview: Jessica of Made By Jess

Meet Jessica of Made by Jess.
Why did you start blogging?
I started blogging, so that I could find a new way to connect with other moms, and eventually get my handmade business off the ground. It became more than just that. I started reviewing products, joining hops, and making the most awesome blogger friends. I have come so far with the blog, and I love being a part of the blog community.
What are your goals for your blog going forward?
I am trying everything I can to spread the word about my blog, so I can get as many friends.followers as I can, so that I will have a readership already at hand when I launch my business off the ground. I have been preparing for more than over a year for this. Teaching myself new techniques, reading new exciting craft books, and trying the best I can to produce quality handmade items that people would enjoy receiving as well as giving.
Are you active in Social Media? What do you enjoy about it?
I am active in Social Media, and I love that everybody is so networked these days. It is so easy to be able to stay in constant contact with people: to further myself, my blog, and my company.
If you had to pick a favorite post on your blog what would it be and why do you like it best?
I really like my “Perfume Pointers” Blog Post because I would love to write more articles. I have been trying to gain followers for awhile, so I post mostly reviews and giveaways. I do need to post more “me” posts. But this one rocks right now.

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