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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Shielo Hair Products Review #Natural #Organic


Shielo Hair Shampoo Conditioner Treatment 

About Shielo:  Shielo Hair Care and Technology was first created in 2001 in New York City.  When stylists had the need for more voluminous styles, while including the effort to enhance and fortify hair care products with volumizing and color protecting elements.  In 2007 Shielo became available in their clients homes and was first sold online.  Towards the end of the 2008, the Color Protect line was launched which today remains a product winner in many categories for color protection and shine.

Shielo strives to create products with integrity and preserve the enviornment.  All Shielo products are cruelty free and use post-consumer recycled and recyclable packaging.

The Antioxidant Leave-in Protectant

ANTIOXIDANT Leave in Protectant

This antioxidant rich leave in protectant is designed to fortify every strand of hair, creating texture, as well as protect your color-treated hair from the elements. Our unique protective complex with pro-vitamins, proteins andamino acids infuse hair with vitamins while providing UV protection. For deeper natural and color-treated hair color. Excellent in eliminating frizz and protecting hair from styling tools.

My Review

I love straightening my hair. I love the way it makes my hair so sleek and shiny, but it the damage can be EXTREME- It can burn or singe your locks.  If you want to protect your hair and keep it from looking damaged, dried out, or burned- you need to have a really good product to protect you.

I seriously think the Shielo Antioxidant Leave-in Protectant is the answer. Why? Because it is designed with antioxidants that fortify your hair. UV Protectants and natural antioxidants from White Tea enhance color protection. This keeps the sun from bleaching your hair or lightening it too much, and damaging it. It keeps you hair smooth and shiny while protecting your hair from the heat of styling tools, whether it be blow dryer, curling iron, or straightener. The shea butter adds a protective barrier to seal the hair shaft, keeping moisture in and damage out.

Mist into towel-dried hair, and comb from root to end. I also sprayed it on my hair when it wasn’t all the way dry and then blow-dried it. It left me with AMAZING hair. The organic extracts in this leave-in are unbelievable. It keeps my hair smooth all day. Even if it does start frizzing because of heat in the summer (when summer comes), you can spray this in your hair many times during the day.

I love that I spray this in and style later, and it makes my hair EXTREMELY more manageable than if I hadn’t used it. Last year you couldn’t catch me straightening my hair (maybe 2 times ALL YEAR.)   I didn’t want it damaged because when I cut my hair, I donate it to the Locks of Love. I didn’t want to give them anything but the best. So I stop styling my  hair with heat, and stopped dying it. I had tried different protectants but all I got was oily hair. So the best thing for me was to just stop using heat.

(Damaged Hair)

I also use this as a detangler, although I don’t get many now that my hair is shorter, but god how I wish I had heard of this when I had super long hair and kids. I don’t even WANT to mention how many tangles I got because I was constantly throwing my hair in a messy bun to keep the kid’s from pulling it.


Since this New Years, I have been styling with a blow dryer here and there, a straightener just about every other day, and a curling iron weekly. I love that I can just re-spray this in and re-straighten it. Or Spray it in before blow-drying and then again before straightening or curling.

My hair felt nothing but clean, fresh, and invigorating when using Shielo. I have NEVER have a hair product work so well for me. I love how STRONG it is as a protectant but yet LIGHT on your hair. Leaving me with flowing hair that I love, without the oiliness of other protectants.

I love that it is only $19.99. This is an amazing product and getting it for that cheap is awesome. Or you can buy 3 for $48.00.. Very awesome deal. If you buy them separately, you’ll be paying $60. You should definitely take advantage of the sale.


The Root Lifting Flexible Design Hair Spray


Volumizing hair spray designed for enhancing lift and structure. It has a weightless design, which is used for for creating flexible voluminous styles. Provides soft to medium hold.

Key Ingredients

• Strong keratin and wheat amino acids to boost hair from the root.

• Soy Protein provides structure for thin or weak hair.

• Hyaluronic acid strengthens, conditions and replenishes hair providing flexibility and shine.

• Aloe Vera, Ginko Biloba, Witch Hazel and Biotin nourish the scalp and hair follicle for reducing hair loss or thinning.

Directions: Mist about 8-12 inches away from hair. For healthier, thicker hair, use Shielo Voluming Shampoo and Volumizing Conditioner prior to use.

My Review

I hate hair spray’s that pin your hair to your head and will NEVER EVER move no matter what. I like my hair to look natural and flexible. I want my hair to be able to be brushed through the day, not so stiff that I think my brush might actually fly into a million pieces all the while tearing my hair to pieces.

I didn’t EVER actually curl my hair before Shielo. I wanted to- I desperately did, it just never worked for me. My curls would fall out within the hour, and I would be left with hair that just looked messy and slouchy. Not my thing, so I avoided it altogether. I hated trying to style with hairspray because my hair would end up tangled and smelling like aerosol.

With the Shielo hairspray, I was in love. I didn’t have to spray very much (which makes it last FOREVER it seems). I didn’t have to spray it on every single curl. I just spritzed some in my hair before I curled it, and wa-lah. Done deal, done right. They couldn’t have made me happier. You just don’t know how long I have searched for a product like this. I have always wanted to have curls that didn’t sag, look messy, or plain didn’t take at all.

With shielo, I actually had fun styling my hair. It wasn’t a CHORE like it is with so many other products.. I literally hated it because in the end I would end up getting frustrated with the end result and just re-washing my hair.


I have been using Shielo for OVER a month now, and was always satisfied. See the above pictures? These are the only pictures EVER with curls in my hair. The curls stayed ALL day, even after I threw my hair in a ponytail to give the kids a bath. After I took it down, I brushed it and the curls popped back into place.

I love love love this. I have NEVER found a flexible hair spray actually so flexible. Sure, a lot of companies talk big game, but that’s it. They didn’t walk the walk for me. My hair was still not at the point I wanted it be with the other’s. Shielo doesn’t BRAG, they SHOW, and that’s what I love about a company. A willingness to let their CUSTOMERS talk for them, and I sure will.

You can buy an eight ounce bottle for $18.99. SO you aren’t only getting an awesome product, but you are getting it CHEAP. and I mean CHEAP CHEAP. I haven’t seen a price on something this awesome in a long time. Most companies want to talk all that smack and charge $30 for hair spray, when in reality, cheap is better in this circumstance.

Why pay more, when you don’t have to? I love finding awesome products that I can add to my daily beauty regimen that doesn’t cost me an arm and a leg. I have kids, and I couldn’t possibly spend more on hair products then I should. I have a budget and want to stick to it.

Even when just straightening my hair, I used the hair spray. I sprayed it on (after the leave-in) and got to styling. My hair was never frizzy, always clean looking, and held place all day.

I usually have the problem with FLAT hair on top. I don’t know why, but I’ve tried other root lifters and they didn’t work as well. They left the roots of my hair greasy, and who wants greasy hair? With Shielo, it has Strong Keratin and wheat amino acids to boost the hair from the root. The soy protein provides structure for thin or weak hair.

So your not only getting a hair spray, your getting a root lifter AND volumizer all in one.. All for under $20. Who could argue with that?


Sheilo is an AWESOME company overall. Fast Shipping, Great Products, Awesome Prices, and Fast and Friendly customer service? Who could ask for more? Not me.

They also sell  Moisture/Hydrating hair products, Color Protecting hair products, and Anti-Aging Facial moisturizer & scrub, as well as the Volumizing and Antioxidant lines.


Shielo also has entire pages dedicated to helping you learn new styling tips. They show you how to get sleek/straight hair without it looking dry, fizzy or unhealthy. How to get the best Volume without the poof, bouncy curls, and more..

shielo touchable waves


The bottles are recyclable, it is cruelty free- not tested on animals, and is a Certified Organic by Organic Certifiers. It is also made in the United States.

Find them online:


FTC Disclosure: This isn’t sponsored. Many thanks to Sheilo Hair Care for providing the product to review.  Some information about Shielo and the products was taken from their website.  All opinions expressed are my own, honest opinions.   This is not a paid post.



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