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Wuggle Pets Review #BdayBonanza


A Wuggle Pet is an adorable baby pet that you bring to life!

Wuggle Pets are the fun-filled animals that kids love to create, collect and trade. Wuggle Pets are available in a Starter Pack, which contains the Cuddly Puppy and the Magical Unicorn for $19.99 plus $7.99 shipping and handling. The Party Pack is our best value. It features all 8 Wuggle Pets for $49.99 plus $7.99 shipping and handling. The Party Pack is our most popular collection because kids love to collect them all and parents love that they save $30! Kids will have everything they need to create and personalize their Wuggle Pets. Each pet comes with a birth certificate, magic dust, personality charms, the zipper tool and fluffy softness. And to complete the pack, each order includes one fun filled factory to bring your Wuggle Pets to life.

Adisyn is crazy about stuff animals, she always has been. She packs them everywhere, covers them up, and acts like she’s their mommy. When she seen the Wuggle Pet Box, she wouldn’t let me even open it before she was all over me.

We received the Cuddly Puppy and Magical Unicorn set. It came with

  • The puppy & Unicorn
  • 1 Fun Filled Factory
  • 2 Bags of Fluffy Stuffing
  • 12 Personality Charms Pet Pet
  • 2 Bags of Magic Dust
  • 2 Birth Certificates
  • 1 Zipper-Up Tool


The kids and I had fun putting these together. They were so all over me though, I couldn’t take pictures. They wanted them AS SOON as I pulled the Wuggle Pet box out of the shipping box.

It was easy to do. Most toys these days come with complicated instructions. Not this one. All you have to do is take the animal, place it on the nozzle of the “fun filled factory”, Pull the orange thing out of the “factory” and put your stuffing, magic dust, and personality bubbles inside. Then you turn the handle, and you can feel the stuffing start flowing inside the stuff animal. Then you zip it, and wa-lah. You have an adorable little animal.

You get to customize each animal by putting as little or as much magic dust in each one, Put the “personality” Bubbles inside, and name it on it’s Birth Certificate. The bubbles say “caring” and “shy” and different cute little personality traits. This way each child feels their animal is made by them.

Aidan got the puppy, and Adisyn got the Unicorn. My kids are still too young to think of unique names so their animals are “Horsey” and “Blue”. The Unicorn being “Horsey” and the Dog being “Blue.”

Adisyn packed hers around all night. I couldn’t believe she played with it that long. She usually plays with a different toy every 20 minutes. You can always find her digging in the toy box and bringing new toys in the living room every time. She didn’t though. “Horsey” was right beside her.

Aidan thought it was cool to clip the dog to his belt. He jumped up and down to see the dog flip flop for about 5 minutes. He then wanted me to unclip it, and clip it on everything in site. I thought it was cute. He doesn’t usually do stuffed animals. He is more a matchbox car boy.

The Party Pack is great for birthdays, holidays, family activities, and special events

  • Collect them all ~ look for the authentic Wuggle Pets birthmark
  • For ages 4 and up
  • You can make them talk with the optional voice box!


You can also check out Wuggle Pets on facebook and twitter.

Disclosure: This isn’t a sponsored post. All opinions in this post are my own. I did receive 2 Wuggle Pets in exchange for an honest review.

I want to thank Wuggle Pets for working with Made.By.Jess

We will definitely be adding to the collection. =)




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