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Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Amazing Mat Review & Giveaway #BdayBonanza

Read about their company Here

My Review:
The Amazing Mat, it isn’t your ordinary welcome mat. It is an anti-bacterial adhesive mat that traps dirt, germs, and bacteria off your floor. It traps the particles inside it’s sheets so your floor is healthy. It has 30 “sheets” on top of the mat. When the top sheet get’s dirty, you just peel it off to a clean sheet.
Winter is here, has been for awhile. In Kentucky we don’t usually have a lot of snow, but it rains a lot. My husband works outside all day. He is a foreman for a tree trimming company here, so his shoes are usually pretty dirty.

Although he would take the boots off at the front door, some dirt usually made it’s way into the carpet. Before the amazing mat, I had to invest in a carpet shampooer because there was so much dirt from not only his work boots, but from the kids playing outside. Can you say “Gross"?”
Adisyn immediately was by my side wondering what the huge canvas like picture thing was in my hand. I opened it and immediately put it beside my front door. She was all over it. “what is it, what is it?” I told her it was to help keep our floor from getting dirty. That it traps dirt and germs from the bottom of our shoes.
When Adam got home I told him to make sure he walked across the mat. When the top sheet gets dirty, just peel it off and throw it in the trash. How easy is that?
The dirt you can see is practically “trapped” inside the sheet
The sheets are numbered so that you know when you are running low.
Then you just peel it off..
Not only do I love the product. The quality and how well it works, I love the bamboo design on it. It honestly kept my carpet from getting track marks everywhere. Anything that keeps my house cleaner without too much hard work is a plus in my book.
I bet this amazing companies had MOMS in mind when designing. Less shampooing for me. YAY. I love that you don’t have to literally WIPE your feet. My kids are young and Adisyn doesn’t really get the concept of it. With this- you just walk across and it pulls all the dirt and germs off for you.
Disclosure: This isn’t a sponsored post, I wasn’t compensated for this post. I did receive products in exchange for an honest review, but receiving products doesn’t influence the review.
I want to thank the Amazing Mat Company for working with Made.By.Jess

Now for the Giveaway.
One lucky Made.By.Jess reader will win their very own Amazing Mat.

Come back for the BdayBonanza to enter. This is a great idea for bday parties. Where people/kids are running in and out tracking dirt and mud. ♥


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