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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Hip-Peas Hair Balm & Detangler Review & Giveaway #BdayBonanza



Looking for natural hair products for your stylin’ kiddo? Just say Hip Peas, please! Our products are not only completely safe for your child and the environment, but also work wonders on your tot’s locks. What’s more, 10% of all profits go to child-focused charities. Simply brilliant!

About Stephanie-

“With a bachelor’s in biomedical science, a master’s in health care administration, and my “street knowledge” as a conscious mom, I knew I had the scientific expertise, health-focused business training, and passion for the subject to pull it off.

I spent months researching ingredients, analyzing product formulations, and gathering a team of scientists. Finally, our first Hip Peas product was born – a hair balm made with safe and natural ingredients that also happens to work miracles!  We are so proud of this product and look forward to developing more hair and skincare products that are fun, natural, and effective.”

My Review:

For the first couple of years after I had Adisyn, I used Barrettes. Or I should say TRIED to use. She wouldn’t keep them in her hair. No matter what size, shape, or color. It would end up lost in her toybox because she would yank it out within seconds.

I eventually had to end up cutting her bangs although I didn’t want to. It was literally messing with her eyesight. They were long enough to reach her eyes, but not long enough to be tucked behind her ear securely.

So, when the clips, hairbows, hair ties, and a million other products didn’t work- I started looking for hair products to keep her from being cross eyed.

There has always been a limited choice of products to style Aidan and Adi’s hair. This frustrated me to no end. Even though they did have SOME products that were natural, most didn’t do the job they were supposed to do. Either they left hair greasy or just didn’t work at all. Talk about one disheartened mama.



The bottles are so sleek and cute. They look so amazing sitting on Adisyn’s Bath Mantel. The brown and lime green mixture with the cute “peas” on the bottle just give it a very sophisticated yet adorable look.

This is a lightweight detangler, not weighing down or making hair look oily. It goes a long way. A couple of sprays and your good to go. It can be used on wet or dry hair, which is a plus. Every time Adisyn wakes from a nap she has HUGE tangles that she hates for me to brush out.

I was having to wash her hair 2 times a day. Once after nap, and then again at bath time. Now I don’t have to fight with her to drape her head over the tub so I can wash it.

All I have to do is spray it in. I wait a second for it to work it’s magic on the tangles, and then brush them out. No more screaming, crying, and acting like she has just had half of her hair ripped out of her head.

It has a plant based formula that isn’t tested on animals. It is chemical free, which means it doesn’t contain parabens, sulfates (SLS), petrochemicals, or phthalates. (Click on the names to learn more about how these chemicals can harm your children) and why being “green” is better for your health.

The ingredients and how they work: Vitamin E, panthenol, and aloe moisturize petite strands, while silk amino acids seal in moisture and strengthen hair.

This detangler smells good enough to eat. Yum, blueberries.


Hair Balm


Does your son have a cowlick that just won’t stay down? Does your daughter have flyaways? Want to curl, spike, hold, and tame those locks? You need Hip-Peas hair balm.

This product is great for curly or straight hair. It helps keep straight hair smooth and from having hair all over the place. It helps curly hair from knotting up and looking like something from the Tarzan movie.

A little goes a long way with the balm also. All you need is a tiny amount on your finger. You then rub it in and see the AMAZEMENT. Adisyn has straight hair, but she usually messes it up ALL the time. If I fix it a certain way, she will go above and beyond to make it look like her hair was never brushed. (Hats anyone?) LOL

I don’t have to deal with that anymore though. I just dab a little in her hair and she never messes it up. I think it’s because she see’s me use hair products and she thinks she is like mommy. I love that she now looks like a little girl and not a caveman.

She also cut her hair about a month ago while I was washing dishes. I thought she was playing in the bedroom, until I discovered that she had snipped the front of her hair to pieces.

Her birthday is here and I seriously didn’t want to have to get her pictures taken with that big gap in the front. It looks horrible. It wouldn’t fit in a pony tail because she cut it very short. Now I can just rub a little on her hair, place a clip on it, and it stays put. The tiny hairs would fly away before. Slipping away from the clips. NOT NOW

I am a worry free mom, ready to bring on the presents, cake, and a bunch of little kids. Hair problems are the least of my worries. =)


You can buy these products

on the website HERE & on



Disclosure: This isn’t a sponsored post. The thoughts and opinions are my own, I wasn’t compensated in any way. I did receive products in exchange for an honest review. Receiving products doesn’t influence the review.

I want to thank Hip-Peas for working with Made.By.Jess.


This post was written by:

Jess is the creator of Stylish Southern Mama + Southern Rambles. She is a freelance writer + designer, Social Media Marketer, and Journalist. She has 2 amazing kids, Aidan and Adisyn, and has been with their dad Adam for 12 years, and has 2 amazingly adorable dogs; Harley + Cheyanne! :)

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