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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Design with Vinyl Review & Giveaway

I have always wanted Vinyl Lettering. I have seen so many cute quotes that could accentuate my walls. I have seen many different choices in magazines and on different blogs.
Although they were all so elegant, I wasn’t sure about purchasing. I live in an apartment (I don’t own) so I thought if it had issues coming off the wall I would be in some deep water.
Design With Vinyl clearly states that it is EASY as pie to peel off. You place it on your wall and when and if you want it off, all you have to do is take a blow dryer to it.
So I thought, Why NOT try it? It was exciting to see all the awesome quotes and pictures to choose from. They had TONS. It took me quite a while to choose. After choosing which you would like to have, you also have the choice of size and color.
So you are getting an extremely customizable wall quote or picture that is easy to put on and take off.
I ended up choosing 2 wall quotes ($30). I got the remembrance quote for my grandmother.
I posted 3 pictures because my flash wasn’t getting the whole picture every time. It was blinding some of it out.
I really love this. This is a great way for me to pay my respects to my grandma (who passed away 1 year ago) while teaching my children to remember her. We are going to make a grandma collage and put her pictures with the kids around it.
I love how it has the cross laying sideways with flowers entwined. I meant to put 4-29-47 to 2-5-11 but it only got the birthday part.
The second quote I chose was “ A Leader Can’t Lead Until She Knows Where She is Going”. I love this quote because I have always wanted to BE someone and DO something with my life. Now that I have my niche and found what I enjoy in life, I love having the quote to remind me everyday how far I’ve come.
You can’t really see it because I chose Lime Green as my color. I can see it at my house, It’s just harder to see through pictures.

I had Adam and his friend install these, because I just wasn’t pressing hard enough. Adam did it, and it was no hassle to him.
I really love the designs for the kids room. As soon as we move into our new house, I will be buying some of these. So much easier than putting up wallpaper that will have to be torn down when they get older and grow out of.
A Beautiful Tree made with vinyl for any room
I also love the mother/mom ones, and secretly want them all.

Pricing is amazing on these wall decals. I expected them to be pretty expensive- but they aren’t. They are based on size, so if you choose a small/medium one, you will pay less than if you chose one to go on the entire wall. Quality is top-notch. They have been on my wall for a month with no peeling, no broken letters, and they look amazing.
When people enter my apartment, it’s the first thing they see. I had a neighbor say “Oh, my god- where did you get those?” She wanted a remembrance one for her son who passed away 3 days after birth.
Whether your looking for an inspirational corner, a remembrance spot for someone in your life, or just want to spice up your home, Design with Vinyl is the place to go.
Disclosure: This isn’t a sponsored post, I wasn’t compensated for this review. All opinions in this post are my own. I did receive products in exchange for an honest review. Receiving products doesn’t influence the reviews.
I want to thank Design with Vinyl for working with Made.By.Jess
 The Giveaway will be part of the #BdayBonanza

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Jess is the creator of Stylish Southern Mama + Southern Rambles. She is a freelance writer + designer, Social Media Marketer, and Journalist. She has 2 amazing kids, Aidan and Adisyn, and has been with their dad Adam for 12 years, and has 2 amazingly adorable dogs; Harley + Cheyanne! :)

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