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Qbedding Charcoal Bamboo Pillow Review



Qbedding sent me their Charcoal Bamboo Pillow For Review:

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--My Review--

The Bamboo Pillow is a new kind of “health pillow.” This pillow has burned up bamboo (making it a charcoal) on one side of the pillow. The charcoal of a burned bamboo stick makes a fiber. This fiber has great absorption properties. It absorbs all the dirty air that filters through your bedroom.

Bamboo charcoal is a green product popular in China and Japan that consists of carbonized bamboo. Which is created when bamboo is burned in an oven at over 1000°. By including only the highest quality bamboo charcoal fibers in this pillow, they help promote relaxation and provide a fresh and natural night's rest.

This makes it easier for you to breath, because your air is being filtered. It is also extremely soft. The inside is made of filled pearl cotton, while the outside is made with 100% cotton twill fabric.. This makes your pillow have a better form. Not saggy or over stiff like regular pillows can be. This has the perfect feel to it.

The bamboo packet is inserted into the pillow before you receive it. You just unwrap it and place it in the pillow case. The sachets can be removed for customization to your pillow. If you want to keep it in, or if you want to try and use it in another pillow.

These sachets are removable so that you can wash your pillow, or use it in another pillow if you wish. The pillow can be washed in a machine.

It is very durable. It doesn’t look like a pillow that is just going to lose it’s shape and form after a couple of washes. The form is very cradling to your spine. If you are sleeping on a pillow that sags and your spine isn’t laying straight. The same is said for a pillow with too much stuffing.

I have a real bad neck problem. I don’t know why- but I pop my neck. It is a habit I’ve had for quite some time (like cracking knuckles). I wake up with a stiff neck, and it will not pass until I can pop my neck.

This pillow has enough support that it holds your head parallel with your body. This will reduce muscle problems, spine problems, neck problems, and headaches. It has for me, and I get frequent headaches and migraines due to my neck.

I feel like I am sleeping on a comfy cloud, rather than a pillow. The silk inside just makes you want to sleep forever and never wake up. It is truly an amazing invention. I would have never thought that bamboo has so many absorbing qualities. It does though. I wake up feeling refreshed and better than I ever have.


Qbedding has tons of green products that will help you in your everyday life. These are products that I have never seen before ANYWHERE.

About the pillow:

This pillow is ergonomically designed to support and massage your neck and head. Bamboo Charcoal is a green product popular in China and Japan. It consists of carbonized Bamboo, which is created when Bamboo is burned in an oven at over 1000 degrees.
Bamboo Charcoal has incredible absorption properties. It is able to absorb both environmental impurities and moisture.
Bamboo Carbon Fiber pillow is a green product and health pillow. It consists of 100% cotton twill fabric. The interior is filled with pearl cotton, which creates a more uniform pillow shape and helps you sleep better at night. The Bamboo sachets are removable, so they can accommodate whatever your pillow requirements may be.

About Qbedding:


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(Instead of the bamboo charcoal, it has lavender.. must smell incredible- not to mention helping you relax.)

Lavender Pillow

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Special Price: $41.39

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Disclosure: This isn’t a sponsored post, this is my honest opinion of the product. I wasn’t compensated for this post, although I did receive product in exchange for an honest review.





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