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Spongeables Pedi-Scrub Foot Buffer Review & Giveaway


My Review:
I recently got a chance to review the Pedi-Scrub Foot Buffer in Lavender-Tea Tree Oil. The Spongeables Pedi Scrub Foot Buffer is a 4 in 1 sponge that will cleanse, exfoliate, massage and moisturize your feet.
I don’t have EXTREMELY dry feet, but I do have a tendency to get dry feet. I hate it. I hate the feeling of dry feet, and it usually comes with the colder months. You will see me spontaneously pulling my shoes and socks off and putting lotion or body butter on them. Dry skin gives me the shivers. I can’t stand it- not even on my hands.
Before I even opened the package, I could smell that awesome smell. I had never really smelled a lavender/ tea tree oil mix before. It’s relaxing, yet invigorating. The Tea Tree oil gives it a minty smell.. AMAZING.
After you open it, you notice the flower shape. Very cute. It also gives it an amazing gripping effect. You can put your hands around it so well. After opening it- it will feel rock hard. No worries though, as soon as you get it wet, it softens up.
One side is used for exfoliation. You scrub the dead and drying skin off your feet. It also works well on bunions. I have been wearing high heeled boots a lot here lately. They do look amazing, but they were leaving my feet aching at the end of the day. Now with the massaging effects of this little beauty, no more aches and pains. Then I can slip into house shoes and forever feel grateful.
Now I can get into the bath or shower, soak my spongeable for a second, and then massage my feet while exfoliating at the same time. It does tickle. The exfoliation side does. I got over it after a second, and was glad I did.
I checked to see the driest spots before scrubbing, so I could make sure it worked well. After scrubbing- NONE of the dry skin was there. It was all gone, disappeared without a trace. How amazing is that? I love it. Especially since Spring and Summer are right around the corner. Nothing worse than wearing sandals or flip flops and having dry, rough skin on your feet.
The other side is for moisturizing and cleansing. I flipped it and rubbed my feet down with it. My feet smelled amazing, and felt the same way. Slipping on my socks- the socks even took the scent of the spongeable. They smelled like lavender for about an hour. My bathroom also smelled of it, ♥.
I have used this 3 times now, and there is no trace of the dry skin on my heels. My feet feel more relaxed, and I don’t have to look like a crazy lady, pulling my shoes off in the middle of the day applying lotion..
The package states that the Spongeables Pedi Scrub Foot Buffer has about 20 uses in it and I felt that was pretty accurate. You can grab a Spongeables Pedi Scrub Foot Buffer Duo Pack for $14.99.
This would be an amazing gift for your mom, your bestie, sister, or just to pamper yourself. Running after kids all day is NO joke. My kids can out energize me any day, and I don’t want my feet to show this, and now they don’t have to.
This is something that I will continue to buy on a regular basis, because you can use this 20+ times. It isn’t something that just dissolves your money, and will never use. If you have feet that ache for something more, you may have just found that something. I know I did. ☺

Spongeables® Pedi-Scrub™ is the best thing to happen to feet since Manolo. One side is soft and gentle, infused with soap and aromatic botanicals to leave feet clean, fresh and sweet smelling. But the other side is where the action is. It’s pure bliss.  Made to buff away dry, rough skin on heels and soles, shine up the toenails, and exfoliate dry skin, Pedi-Scrub’s scrubby-texture provides a stimulating massage that revives tired feet and leaves them tingling. The perfect antidote to stiletto pumps!
Two appealing fragrance choices — aromatic Lavender & Tea Tree Oil (pink Pedi-Scrub™), or revitalizing Citron-Eucalyptus (green Pedi-Scrub™), provide a touch of aromatherapy rejuvenation, leaving a hint of clean, herbal freshness on the skin. Pedi-Scrubs™ are available at drug, discount and chain stores around the world (MSR $6.99) or visit the website at www.spongeables.com
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