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Everyday Minerals Makeup Review

I received some samples from Everyday Minerals, and I couldn’t have been more impressed. They sent me 2 eyeshadows from their pearl collection, and 2 blushes.
They have managed to keep their lids on, which I LOVE. I hate when makeup companies flake on the packaging and makeup spills everywhere. There was and is absolutely no issues AT ALL with these spilling out or getting everywhere.
In the Garden

The first eyeshadow is “In The Garden”. This is an antique bronze color with a peralescent finish. It offers just the right shade of darkness to be used as an eyeliner, but yet can also be used as a eyeshadow also. I have used it as both, and loved how you can put just a little bit on to give you the sheen shimmer look, or add a bit more to really add some flair to your eye color.
I used these eyeshadows both wet and dry. I put on some makeup primer on my lower and upper eyelids, and let it dry. I then dipped my Pretty Girl Duo Eyeshadow/Eyeliner brush into the eyeshadow. I tap the brush over the tube to remove excess, and then press into the eyelids. The harder you press, the longer it will stay. If you barely brush it on, it WILL come off very easy, but I press hard and it stayed the entire day.
Not only are their shadow colors unique, pretty, and awesome, their names are just as unique. Names like Ado to you, Little Black Dress, Stay Cool, Starlit and more.
I loved the shimmery color of Hot Chocolate. It isn’t too dark. It looks like a sheer white color when applied. I wore it all day, and never had any problems with it coming off, smearing, or creasing in my lids like some mineral eyeshadows. The best application tricks for mineral eyeshadow is to apply a primer on your upper and lower eyelids before you put your shadow on, and then also AFTER, so it has staying power of a regular eyeshadow. OR, you can dip your brush in warm water, then dip it in the shadow, and apply—the wet look is amazing as well.

Usually when I buy mineral eyeshadows I have to place the tubes of shadow inside a glass jar with a lid so I can put it in my makeup bag. If I don’t the shadow spills out of the tube and gets all inside my makeup bag. I hate when it gets dirty. I try and keep it as clean as possible by grouping mineral eyeshadows together inside the jar. The Everyday Mineral eyeshadows aren’t inside that jar. The tube is very strong. It holds the shadow inside VERY well, so I don’t have to worry about it spilling and getting the bag dirty, yet it’s easy to open.
I really like these shadows and WILL be buying more to add to my collection! “Perfect your pretty by choosing Everyday Minerals' pearl eye shadow. Offering just the right amount of sheen and radiance, pearl shades work well for highlighting and adding a heaven sent dash of vivid color. Light up your eyes with these gorgeous treasures!”

The two blushes I received were Ambrosia and Snuggle.

Ambrosia is a soft medium-pink shade with a pretty shimmer finish. This is more of a melon type of pink, so it would work on a variety of skin tones. I don’t usually go for pink blushes, but I will say- this one amazed me. It didn’t give me that “clown” look that I hate about pink blushes. It blended in very well to give me a melon shimmer. It’s perfect to wear all year long!
The shimmers in these blushes aren’t over the top SPARKLING that make you look like you are a 14 year old girl trying on your mom’s makeup and putting glitter everywhere. I don’t usually like to wear sparkly blushes, but this isn’t the case. The sparkles in these products give a glowing look more than a over-the-top Glitter.
Perfect for when you're feeling sparkly, take your pick of Everyday Minerals' shimmer cheek color. Soft sparkle illuminate your skin, these glamorous shades make achieving a dazzling look super easy. Picking your favorite shade is the hard part!

Snuggle is a radiant pink with a hint of peach and a dust of sheen. This is a peachy like color (definitely more peach then pink) which is what I like to wear anyway. I love the bronzed, sun kissed look. This isn’t bronzy, but it definitely does look sun kissed and goes on very well. This makes my skin look very healthy and glowing.
You definitely only need a little bit to get the look you are trying for. I just dabble my brush in and swoop it on my cheekbones. It manages to stay on 4-5 hours even outside when I’m sweating and have naturally oily skin anyway. I’ve had these blushes for awhile and haven’t even managed to make a dent in the blush, so it DOES last for a long time!
Give your cheeks a dose of luminous color with Everyday Minerals' sheen cheek color. Specially formulated to define your cheekbones while adding a splash of color, these shades are sheer and gorgeous. Just the right amount of color for nearly ever skin tone!
There are so many more products that I am dying to try from Everyday Minerals. There are so many vivid, beautiful colors of eyeshadows that would look so perfect! They also have an awesome line of brushes that I am dying to try. They have everything from Kuuki Mineral Foundation Brushes, eye shadow brushes, blush brushes, and even duo ended brushes so you don’t have to have TONS of brushes..

Bohemian at heart and eclectic by nature, the soul of Everyday Minerals is deeply rooted in the natural beauty of every woman. We are organic, vegan and eco-friendly, and specialize in an innovative collection of products with a spectrum of over 300 vibrant colors and shades that flatter virtually every skin tone. Innovation is an important ingredient in our recipe for success, as the constant desire to uphold a pioneering sense of creativity is what keeps our ideas and products fantastically fresh.
Born with an organic spirit, founder Carina Menzies believes that all-natural makeup products should not cost a fortune. Carina’s goal is to empower every woman’s inner beauty to shine by focusing on what women love most about makeup: effortless application, long lasting qualities, versatile shades, and most importantly, fun! With Everyday Minerals, women all around the world can access premium quality mineral makeup at an extremely affordable price. One of Carina’s favorite things about running Everyday Minerals is creating new colors, drawing inspiration from nature, art, fashion, and most importantly the vibrant and soulful women of the world. We are constantly evolving as new ideas blossom, and invite you to come along on this naturally beautiful journey with us!
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Disclosure: Everyday Minerals provided me with products for this review. The opinions expressed in this review are completely my own. No additional compensation was received for this review.


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