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Hexbugs Review and Giveaway

I was sent two of the crabs from Hexbug. Aidan received the green one and the blue one. He thought it was awesome! This looks and acts just like a crab. I thought at first that it may scare Adisyn because she is super scared of bugs, but she liked it too.

It was smaller that what I thought it was going to be. It is about the size of a half dollar, but the kids thought it was cool. They couldn’t wait for me to get it out of it’s packaging and hand it to them! Aidan was super-excited, and to my surprise Adi loved them just as much. I ended up giving her the green one, and Aidan the Blue one.
This walks sideways (back and forth) just like a crab. It’s awesome because it actually responded to Aidan. He would let it walk around, following it. He stuck it on the table, and it did walk off, but it didn’t break, so it IS sturdy. If it walks under furniture or if you hold something over it, it will stop moving. BUT if you clap it will respond to the clapping and start moving again.

You don’t have to clap very hard for it to respond to you either. Just barely clapping made it move. We didn’t have to clap so hard that it hurt hands or ears, lol. It wasn’t like being at a ballgame, trying to clap over the audience.. it was just amazing to see him so interested in this!
It was SO fun to put these in a dark room and chase these with flashlights. They have a light sensor, so they also respond to light. Aidan loved this, thought it was so funny. Adisyn didn’t want any part of it, because she’s scared of the dark, but Aidan and his daddy had tons of fun.
This toy runs off of batteries, and Hexbug does sell battery changes. Unlike other toys where you have to practically dismantle the entire toy to change batteries, this one has a battery lid that you unscrew to get to the battery compartment.
I wouldn’t recommend that this be bought for younger kids or anyone who is rough on their toys. Although it is sturdy (like it fell off the table and didn’t break) but it isn’t so sturdy that it would up-hold very rough treatment because the plastic is very thin. It doesn’t take much for the legs pins to fall off, but if your kid is careful and loves collecting robots, I would say this is perfect for them!
They sell more than Just the Hexbug Crabs. They sell ants, spiders, larva, and scarabs.

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HEXBUG®Crab Micro Robotic Creatures
The HEXBUG Crab is a micro sized robotic creature that uses its autonomous light and
sound sensors to hide in the dark and run from loud noises. You can control where
each HEXBUG Crab scurries and can make it change direction with the clap of your
How does it work?
The HEXBUG Crab will travel in a straight line until it hears a loud noise or encounters
a dark place. Upon noise, the bug reverses in a half circle, then moves forward again in
a new direction. Two button cell batteries are included.
Fits in the palm of your hand for miniature fun at anytime!
• Product Length: 2.76 inches
• Product Width: 2.36 inches
• Product Height:1.97 inches
• Product Weight:1.1 ounces
HEXBUG Crab is CPSIA approved for kids ages 8 and up. Available in various colors
including Indigo, Turquoise, Green, Red and Black
• MRRP $14.99
• Available at major retailers nationwide or at www.hexbug.com
This isn’t a sponsored post, all opinions are 100% mine. I did receive products in exchange for an honest review.
BUY IT:  You can buy the Crabs for $14.99 on the website.
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