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Friday, April 27, 2012

Hugo Naturals Bath & Body Review

I was sent 7 items from Hugo Naturals Vanilla & Sweet Orange Line of Beauty and Bath Products as well as a body polish from their Brown Sugar- Kumquat line.  Their products are gluten free, paraben free, cruelty free, and made in the U.S.A.
Hugo Naturals Foaming Hand Soap, Vanilla and Sweet Orange, 8.5-Ounce
Foaming Hand Soap- Vanilla & Sweet Orange
I am always washing my hands. As a mom- I have kids who are constantly spilling stuff and getting stuff on them AND me. As a crafter, I need to wash my hands quite frequently because of the paint or whatever I’m crafting with getting on my hands.
My kids also needed something they could wash their hands with after they get done using the bathroom. They are 5 and 3, so it made it a TON easier on me because it had the pump action top. They can push it down by themselves and they loves that it comes out all foamy.
It rinses off totally clean without any residue left behind like many liquid soaps or too drying like bar soaps. I love the smell of the Vanilla & Sweet Orange, it smells like an orange dreamsicle to me. I LOVE orange dreamsicles. So YUMMY. The scent isn’t overpowering either.

Hugo Naturals Lip Balm, Vanilla & Sweet Orange , .15-Ounce Units (Pack of 6)

Hugo Naturals Lip Balm- Vanilla & Sweet Orange
I always keep chapstick on hand, ALWAYS! I never go without it. There are so many that I’ve tried.. some I like, some I would rather not use again. As far as lip balms go, I rate this as one of the highest.
It smells amazing, the Vanilla & Sweet Orange scent: “Dreamsicles again” I love. I have never used a chapstick or anything else that smelled like this until Hugo Naturals. I LOVE it. I also love that they offer a variety of items with the same smell.
This chapstick doesn’t taste, which is a plus for me. If it did taste, I might actually take a bite of this one.. lol. It smells absolutely divine. It doesn’t stay on for hours and hours, but I didn’t expect it to. That’s why I keep in in my pocket, so I can reapply when needed.
It goes on smoothly, lasts awhile, and keeps my lips super hydrated. It has a sheen like a gloss, and is amazing when put on. I love that I can put this on under or over lipstick and it makes my lipstick look so naturally moisturizing.

Body Butter - Vanilla & Sweet Orange
Hugo Naturals Body Butter- Vanilla & Sweet Orange
My Thoughts*
I have to say that this isn’t the best body butter I’ve ever used before. Although it does take away from dryness on my feet, knees, and other troubled areas, it leaves behind a greasy/oily feel. That’s partially okay though, I just wash my hands after I’m done applying it.
I usually use body butter on my hands while I’m crocheting because the yarn tends to dry. I don’t use this though because it makes the crochet tools slip out of my hands because of the oily feel.
It works perfect on my dry feet though. I can put this on after the shower, put on my socks and my feel do not have a chance to dry up before my next shower.

Hugo Naturals Bar Soap, Vanilla and Sweet Orange, 4 Ounce (Pack of 2)
Hugo Natural Bar Soap- Vanilla & Sweet Orange
I love that this soap is so easy to lather up. It almost feels like a body wash instead of a bar of soap.
Leaves me squeaky clean and smelling great. I don’t usually use bar soap, but thought I’d give it a try. It looks so awesome (because of the color) sitting in the bathroom. Looks decorative. So I put this out as a hand soap for people to wash their hands after going to the bathroom.
Everybody was complimenting me on the smell and how clean their hands felt. Even Adam uses this to wash his hands and face after he gets off work and thought it cleaned his face very well. (He usually uses body wash also).
Hugo Naturals Massage & Body Oil, Vanilla & Sweet Orange , 4-Ounce  Bottle (Pack of 2)
Hugo Naturals Massage & Body Oil- Vanilla & Sweet Orange
Comforting. A vegan, cruelty-free blend of almond, jojoba and essential oils to soothe and restore your skin and your mood. Our rich and soothing blend of sweet almond and jojoba oils is enriched with vitamin E and scented with a dreamy and delectable blend of vanilla and citrus essential oils. While this nourishing blend is ideal for massage, it's also the perfect restorative for those days when your skin needs a little extra care and hydration.
My Thoughts*
AS I’ve said before, I have Keratosis Pilaris nicknamed “chicken skin” for a reason. When I found out I had this, I was prescribed Retinol A Cream. The Vitamin A naturally smoothens skin. I couldn’t afford $80 for a small tube, so my doctor recommended body oil mixed with Olive Oil.
Instead I have been using this mixed with Sprout Skincare’s CREAM and I have seen noticeable improvement in a week. I love this product.
It’s recommended that you use this straight out of the shower to hold In the moisture from the shower, but you can use it on dry skin also. Before I go to bed, I pour a about a teaspoon of this in my hand and spread it on my thighs and follow with the Cream from Sprout.
I have always been self conscious about this, hardly ever wearing shorts or a bathing suit. It kind of looked like a bunch of ingrown hairs or small pimples and they itched like poison ivy. Now they are almost completely gone without any trace of them being there at all.
They will never be “Gone” out of my life. They’ll come back if I stop using this treatment. I will certainly continue with this regimin because it is a TON cheaper than buying the Retinol A cream. (and SMELLS WAY better too) =)
My skin feels so soft and supple and smells amazing. It is lightweight and absorbs quickly, and doesn’t leave behind a greasy residue. It leaves a nice healthy glow and doesn’t stain my clothes.
You can also add a few drops to your warm/hot bath water to soften your skin while you bathe, then add some more when you get out. I love the way this smells and feels.

Hugo Naturals Effervescent Bath Salts Parent

Hugo Naturals Effercescent Bath Salts- Vanilla & Sweet Orange
Transform your bath into a luxurious and therapeutic spa experience. Lusciously bubbling blend features not one, but two mineral-rich salts—Dead Sea and Himalayan pink—to reduce tension, ease muscle discomfort and soften skin. To Use: Add a handful of salts to warm,running bath water. Relax and enjoy. Never Any: parabens, phenoxyethanol,SLS, PEGs, propylene glycol, petroleum products, artificial colors or synthetic fragrances.
My Thoughts*
I really liked this bath salt. As my water was running for my bath, I put in maybe a quarter of a cup (from the lid) into the running water and it immediately begin to fizz up. After awhile, I poured even more in there just so I could relax a little longer.
Hey- I don’t get that privilege very much.
My bath water smelled amazing. It didn’t overpower and I couldn’t smell it for VERY long after my bath, but that’s why I have the body oil and lotion, right?
It gives off such a relaxing natural beautiful smell that make me want to stay in my bath forever.. but the water got cool and cool water and I just do NOT work out so well..
Hugo Naturals Handcrafted Body Lotions Parent
Hugo Naturals All Over Body Lotion- Vanilla & Sweet Orange
Super-moisturizing shea butter enriched with pure botanical extracts—for deep hydration that feels simply amazing.
This lotion is remarkably and wonderfully moisturizing. It is light and doesn’t leave my skin oily or greasy. It isn’t TOO thick but it isn’t watery either. It’s the right consistency for a lotion.
I keep this in my crochet bag. This keeps my hands VERY hydrated. I love crocheting but the constant touching of the yarn dries my hands. I needed something that would help me and it’s awesome because of the push down lotion top. I don’t have to put the yarn down to get a dab. I can just press, lotion up, and continue crocheting. LOVE IT!
Hugo Naturals Body Scrub Parent
Hugo Naturals Body Polish- Brown Sugar Kumquat
Tantalizing blend of sugar and powerful emollients gently exfoliate and moisturize while vitamin E and oat extract add suppleness and radiance. Leaving your skin velvety soft and thoroughly rejuvenated.To Use: Stir well, then massage in a circular motion into thoroughly wet skin.
My thoughts*
This has a really nice smell (you can smell the brown sugar) with a touch of the kumquat I guess (I’ve never smelled it before). It leaves my skin really soft, smooth, and supple.
It also puts a bit of oil in the bathtub, so I would recommend that you wash your hair and do whatever you need to BEFORE using this. I already had washed my hair, but I kept thinking if I hadn’t how oily my hair might become with this in the water.
It was a bit hard to stir at first. I did it with the handle of my razor. You need to mix it up because all the scrubbing particles sink to the bottom and leave an oily substance at the top. So, you need to mix this well before use.
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Disclosure: This isn’t a sponsored post, I was sent products for review purposes only. All opinions are 100% my own and not influenced in any way.


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