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Friday, April 27, 2012

Sarasa Metallics by Zebra Pen Review

I was sent the Sarasa Metallic Pens from Zebra Pen.

Sarasa Metallic

As a crafter AND a writer, I am always on the lookout for new pens. I have used some of the most awesome pens that can be bought. Then again, I’ve used some pens that I never will purchase EVER again.

- Colors -

These Sarasa Metallic pens come in gold, silver, and copper. They seem to float across the paper. They flow constantly with no skips, which is what I look for in a gel pen. I hate writing and having to go over a word twice or more to be able to see it. If it skips, I toss it.

When I’m writing and my pen just drifts across the page, I fall in love. I can’t stand a pen that gives me backtalk.! This pen doesn’t backtalk at all. It does what it is supposed to do and gives beautiful color as well.

I never once had to shake them and wish something would come out. I’ve had many gel pens that have done this to me. I would be writing and all of a sudden, they would stop working right in the middle of a page.

They don’t scratch the page either. You know what I mean. That eerie feeling I get when I hear nails on a chalkboard.. that kind of scratching. I have seen MANY pens in my day that do that to me, and I pass on them. I can’t stand it. I need a pen that works smoothly.

I also seem to find that the smaller the pen point is the worse I write. I don’t know why, but it’s true. This pens works perfectly for writing letters, calendar writing, sticky notes, or honey-do lists!

These pens write very well on light paper as well as they do dark. They aren’t hard to see, and look very professional. So professional that you could use them in the office. AND because of the colors, they would be a perfect gift for that man in your life. How could they resist something metal? LOL

These do NOT dry up easily. I accidently left the pen part out for an entire day and started writing with it, and it didn’t even skip ONCE.

They work perfectly for crafts. Mother’s Day is nearing and I will be making handmade cards. I have tested and retested these on scrapbook paper, construction paper, printer paper, and they never ONCE failed me!

You could also use these to make thank you cards, homework (for your kids or if you are in college), and other crafts.

Zebra Pen products can be found nationwide at Staples, Office Max, Office Depot, Walmart, K-Mart, and other office supply stores, discount chains, food and drug retailers, stationery stores and wholesale clubs.

Find Zebra Pens on Facebook.

Disclosure: This isn’t a sponsored post, I was sent products for review purposes only. The opinions in this post are 100% mine and completely honest.






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