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Greensations Thermafeet and Caffeinated Makeup Primer Reviews

Greensations sent me 2 products to review. These are products like I’ve never seen before. A makeup primer that has caffeine in it, and a foot spray that has a pepper extract in it. These products are all natural and have helped out tons.


This is a spray bottle full of natural foot repair. It stops the itching, Absorbs odor, Fights fungus, and Promotes healing of dry cracked feet. This is recommended for both men & women of all skin types.

ThermaFeet™ is the world's first foot spray that invigorates feet with a healing combination of Caffeine (derived from coffee beans) and Capsaicin (derived from Cayenne peppers). This exclusive formulation also contains other proven herbal extracts such as Black Walnut and Goldenseal. The Caffeine and Capsicum in this formula supercharge nerve endings that promote circulation while reducing numbness and pain. ThermaFeet relieves pain, irritation, dryness and itching with soothing relief that lasts all day long. Great for general foot pain, irritation and poor circulation. This all natural formula does not contain any chemicals and it can be used with any foot care regimen. ThermaFeet promotes topical blood flow and circulation to sooth foot pain while conditioning dry cracked feet. ThermaFeet does a better job than foot creams and lotions without leaving any oily or greasy residue. It also stops foot odor and helps fight fungus and athlete's feet.

This formula promotes circulation by creating a thermal reaction that permeates the skin with a healing combination of proven herbal extracts. Aside from increasing absorption, the Caffeine and Capsicum in this formula also supercharge nerve endings and promote healthy feet and toe nails.

Directions: Shake well. Spray feet until wet. Rub into feet and toes. Allow formula to absorb into skin. Don’t put on socks until feet are dry. Use once daily as a foot conditioner. Use as needed for itching, foot pain, and numbness. Wash hands when done.

My Thoughts:

Adam (my husband) has very dry feet, so bad that they crack sometimes. I have bought him everything to help diminish the dryness from having to wear thicker socks and boots all year long. We’ve tried tons of products claiming to rid of dryness, itching, and odor.

Gold Bond powder DID help, but it made his feet feel as if they had mint extract on them on day and mixed with sweat, it felt uncomfortable. This spray doesn’t hurt, smell minty, or give off a strong feeling when on the feet.

My feet were also starting to dry out. I sprayed this on my feet and then rubbed it in. I set my feet up and relaxed while it was drying. Within the first couple of times of using this, my feet showed results of increasing moisture and my toenails seemed to also be healthier then they were. I have a habit of not letting them breathe between painting them which was drying them out.


Youthful Trends Caffeinated Makeup Primer

Directions: Shake well. Spray on face applying makeup foundation. Allow to dry naturally or gently pat dry. Can also apply at night after removing makeup for added skin protection and rejuvenation. Can be used with any powder or liquid makeup regimen.

Youthful Trends™ Makeup Primer is the world's first caffeinated primer with 100% natural ingredients. Makeup primers are all the rage these days, and they are used to help set your makeup and reduce the appearance of lines while absorbing oils and binding makeup to the skin. Unlike sticky primers and serums, this water based spray dries evenly while hydrating skin and tightening lines. Our spray also helps pores breathe and keeps makeup looking beautiful all day long. It also reduces facial sweating and protects skin from UV damage.

This proprietary formula outperforms all other makeup primers and one bottle lasts for many months. It's fantastic stuff works for all skin types and colors, as well as all types of makeup including mineral powders, creams and liquids. Supercharge your makeup regimen today for flawless beauty with the world's first caffeinated skin primer.

My Thoughts:

This is an awesome makeup primer. It extends the life of my makeup while also reducing the amount of makeup that I sweat off. This is great in the summer months. Especially now that I am fully switched to mineral makeup. I didn’t want it to sweat off in the heat of the summer, but now I don’t have to worry about that.

This can be used for ALL powders and liquid foundations, so even if you don’t use mineral makeup this would be a great primer to use. It hydrates and tones the skin so that your face absorbs the makeup instead of it just sitting on top of your face.

Last Sunday, I met my family at the park for my Grandma’s Birthday Remembrance. It was burning up, and I felt like I wouldn’t have a trace of makeup still on when I left, but after checking in my rearview mirror when pulling out to go home, all my makeup was still there.

No smudges, no half gone messed up makeup. It all looked as if I had just put it on. It smells very lightly, but it isn’t a bad or a too strong overpowering smell. I even spritz this on my face AFTER putting on my makeup to set it in and to keep it there EVEN longer.


About Greensations:

Greensations was founded by Wayne Perry, the world's foremost inventor of capsaicin based health products including: Sinus Buster, Sinus Genie, Capsiderm, Pepper-Care, ThermaSkin, ThermaScalp, ThermaFeet and Youthful Trends brands. Perry also created the world's first NETI-BOTTLE and was a frequent guest on the Oprah Winfrey Show during the mid 1990”s.


Greensations capsaicin skin care products were developed to give consumers natural alternatives for total skin and scalp health. Our caffeinated capsaicin body care products are exclusive proprietary formulations with patents pending. Each of our Greensations brand products is guaranteed to work beyond anything else available or we'll give your money back.
We back all our products with a (60 day) 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Disclosure: Products were sent to me for review purposes only, this isn’t a compensated post. All opinions are 100% mine and completely honest.





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