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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Shielo refrshing mist and bounce Style cream review

I have worked with Shielo once before, and loved what they sent me. Their products are all natural, organic and work VERY well. They aren’t expensive, and just a dab will work wonders. It lasts a very long time too. Shipping was fast and customer service was very friendly and helpful!


Shielo Bounce Style Cream

This is a Styling Cream that helps to create soft bounce and defined curls with a flexible hold. To add volume for free flowing hairstyles, massage product into damp hair prior to blow-drying. Can be used to separate dry hair or add texture to finished professional styles.

My hair isn’t usually able to curl very well. When it does curl, it ends up falling out right after I curl it. I LOVED this Bounce cream. Not only could put it in my hair before blow drying to give my hair volume like I never have, it held curls all day.

I parted my hair into two sections. Top and bottom. I put the top into a ponytail, and then put a tiny tab of the bounce cream onto dry hair. I then waited for it to dry and then started curling.

(The Results)


This is the front view of the curls. Don’t they look so defining and strong? I thought they did. My hair has never been able to do this. This was with a curling iron, but I bet I could use curlers and it would look just the same. Curlers have always given me trouble.


Here is a side view of the curls. My hair looked so amazing. I couldn’t stop staring at them. I mean- beautiful curls within 10 minutes. It didn’t take very long at all! Even that night there were still curls, and I had ran my hands through it plenty of times. They always bounced back into shape.


The curls even looked awesome in a pony. I loved how pieces weren’t sticking up everywhere. It has a firm but flexible hold, so my hair wasn’t stiff at all!!



Shielo Natural Refreshing Mist

This spray activates moisture in your hair and skin with proteins and botanical extracts. This hair and skin mist renews and refreshes your mind, body, and spirit. Contains silkening conditioners that bond to moisture.

For Hair: Refreshes and neutalizes odors from environmental factors, while hydrating each strand for fresh, free flowing hair.

<Spray on wet hair and comb through for an exceptional moisture infusion before styling. Spray on dry hair to revitalize style and refresh.>

For Body: Use as a gentle toner after cleansing. A delicate blend of botanical extracts including Aloe Vera form a protective shield that locks in moisture and provides a natural source of nutrients.

<Use anytime. Spray generously on face and body after bath or shower. Can be used on bare skin or sprayed over makeup to set and keep fresh. Position bottle 12 inches from skin prior to applying the mist.>

Almost everyday I keep my hair in a pony when it’s hot. At night <if we go out> I face the dilemma of having bumps in my hair because I’ve had it up all day. Most of the time, I would have to rewash my hair to get that fresh out of the shower no bump look. With this, I can just spray it right on the bumps and then blow-dry it and the bumps disappear.

I also love to use this on my daughter’s hair. She usually has something in it. Whether she has decided to get juice or something in it, tangle it up, or whatever- I now have something that comes to my rescue. I would usually have to put her head over the side of the tub and wash it all the time before going somewhere. She hated this and it ended up getting her clothes wet.

I tried detanglers but they left her hair sticky and not looked like it was “washed.” With this, I can spray it on her hair and brush all the tangles <or juice> right out with no problem. It also looks like I just washed her hair. I love it, makes being a mom of a toddler who gets into everything, much simpler.


Disclosure: I was sent products for review purposes only, I wasn’t compensated for this post. All opinions are 100% mine and completely honest.






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