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Monday, June 25, 2012

Dotmine Day Planner Review


Dotmine sent me a 17 month planner to review. I got to choose the color (Granny Smith) and I couldn’t have been happier with a planner. Regular planners didn’t work out so well for me. There was no way to tell which day I was on unless I put a paperclip on the “day” page and usually the paperclip wouldn’t stay.

Here is the front cover and inside pages. I love that when you open it up there is so much color and quality!!

2012-04-04 10.49.562012-04-04 10.50.12

With Dotmine, it comes ready to use! It has it’s on string bookmark built into the planner. It’s so easy to flip to the page and keep reminded of the things I need to do.

 2012-04-04 10.50.25

Other planners are too big or too small. This Dotmine planner is absolutely AMAZING. It is big enough so that I am not running over when I write what I need to do or what I’ve done. It helps me stay organized, and my days go much easier. I can slip this into my purse, my messenger bag, or my laptop bag and take it with me wherever I need to go.


I was sent one of the older planners, but they just came out with an entirely new design of the planners. They are great for ANYBODY! Whether you’re a mom who needs to know what kid needs to go to what practice, a writer who needs to know when certain things are due, or a professional/college student who needs to know certain important dates.

They are better than regular planners because instead of 12 months, they are 17 months. They are 17 months instead of 12 because they accommodate the 12 calendar months as well as the school year. Not only does this make the planners great for parents and students, but it makes it easy on teachers as well.

I also love that they are so colorful and bright. I hate bleak, bland planners that don’t bring any pleasure to my life. When I see my bright green planner, I feel something different than just a planner. I feel like it’s personalized to ME.

The planners that they just came out are so beautiful, unique, and original. Here are some of the new ones.

These are the Family Planners.

Camillia, Camillia



Elle's Pick


NYGWP ( I really really LOVE this one! So ME and SO beautiful!!)


Purple Pebbles


Purple Pebbles – Mini


Day planners/calendars to organize active personal lives + great school planners

tiff tory student plannerTiff & Tory
ISBN 978-1-937005-12-2
August 2012 - December 2013

zany zinnias student plannerZany Zinnias
ISBN 978-1-937005-13-9
August 2012 - December 2013

green with envy student plannerGreen with Envy
ISBN 978-1-937005-14-6
August 2012 - December 2013

preppy party girl student planner



About Dotmine:

Corporate careers, two families … a dot

It all started with a simple “dot” back in 2000 and a commitment to reclaim our lives, while helping you do the same.


A serendipitous meeting in a London pub had given us the idea, and phase 2 of our careers was under way. Our corporate days — one of us pitching underwear and the other pitching laundry detergent — were far behind. We had become entrepreneurs, backed by supportive husbands and eventually, seven fabulous children.

Lots of dots and loyal customers

Today, we have more dots and a lot of loyal customers, including those who’ve grown from students to professionals and parents with us.

At dotmine, our philosophy is simple: create fashionable, functional and affordable day planners to help individuals and families organize busy lives. We start with great art … fun, elegant and sometimes funky. Then, we arrange and design the contents of our planners to serve families, students and professionals.

Here for you

Like all great businesses, we continue to evolve, inspired by your comments that even in this high-tech world, you want space to record your life happenings, take notes, and put a pen on a piece of paper to cross things off your-to-do list. While there’s no such thing as a 100% perfect planner, we’re confident you’ll find a dotmine product that makes life good, every day.

Happily dot.yours,

Lisa and Sarah

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