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Monday, June 25, 2012

GreenBackpack Recycled Binder & Coloring Pencils Review

Recycled Milk Jug Binder


The Binders are made of recycled milk jugs. I love when companies find something creative to do with plastic milk jugs. I've seen really cool blocks, tonka-like dump trucks, and other toys from GreenToys- but NEVER seen milk jugs made into binders.

This is something that I can really appreciate. I love love love binders, and I always HAVE. As I am packing my stuff, I suddenly realized that I could possibly start my own library or tutoring service because of the amount of books and binders I have. I packed 16-17 boxes in one night and all but 1 was books and binders.

Since I was a little girl, I have bought and collected tons of binders. I have this NEED and it's a very strong need to learn. I love learning, and I love copying my own notes into binders about books I've read. How could I possibly keep a binder long if it isn't made of something sturdy and it's easy for the front cover to tear off? I've had plenty of binders do that, and they were all those same regular black binders that come from walmart. The cheaper binders, although the other's aren't great quality either.

I love that the front of it is a slick recycled plastic. I was going to write my name on it, and I had already packed up my sharpies, so all I had near was a whiteboard marker. I'm glad I did, because I learned that you can use dry erase markers to write to-do lists such as term paper assignments, homework tasks, notes to study, or for me-- blog post reminders.!

The binder is very thick- about 2 1/2- 3 inches in width, so this could be a binder that could last your child all year throughout a class! Where dry-erase markers can be used on them, you could even use them for several years- just erase the first year's class and write in the new one.

This is by far the most durable binder that I've ever used. Since it's made entirely from a recycled milk jug, you can FEEL the strength. I'm not sure I could rip this one if I tried. I am VERY glad that I ran across GreenBackPack. Not only are they an amazing company who is doing their part to help consumers feel great about their purchases, they have some really cool and amazing products.

Recycled Coloring Pencils


Go green in every color. Green Backpack eco-awesome recycled paper-barrel pencils are perfect for art class or fun coloring.


  • 12 standard colors.
  • Easy to sharpen.
  • Barrels and packaging made from 100% recycled paper.

These coloring pencils are awesome. I have been going to the library whenever possible here lately to post reviews and check on my blog, since I am moving and before that was having trouble with my internet provider. Now that I can throw these awesome coloring pencils and a notebook into my bag, my kids stay entertained and I can get more work done.

I love how vivid the colors are. I didn't know what to expect, since they were recycled, but to my amazement- they are EVEN better. They are better because they are made from 100% recycled paper and comes in 12 different colors.

They write and color the same as regular crayola coloring pencils, but help the Earth, the United States, and our Communities by using recycled paper and putting it back on the market for a good use.

I am all about ECO-friendly products. I don’t want to see the Earth, OR America all trashed- people throwing things out on the side of the road and pitching garbage by or in our water sources. Everybody can start somewhere, how about buying recycled school supplies for your children or even yourself?


Disclosure: This isn’t a sponsored post, all products were sent for review purposes only. Opinions are 100% mine and completely honest.


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