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Maid to Please- Heaven on Earth! Maid Services

Here recently, I’ve been thinking about hiring a Maid once a week to do the Heavy Duty stuff, so that I have more time for work, the kids, or just relaxing. Maid to Please kept popping up, and although it isn’t in my area, their services seem spectacular! Maid Services in Reston VA

When you have a career and family AND have to clean house and cook and all that, it’s hard to juggle everything all at once without becoming overwhelmed and stressed out. My kids are small enough to be tornado’s though. They can wreck havoc in a single second. They can undo 2-3 hours of hard work cleaning and scrubbing within a very short amount of time.

Even if I didn’t hire the Maid for a once a week thorough- I definitely was thinking of having someone come in and clean my apartment after the move next week. I will be out completely by next Friday and have to set up 2 days just to clean carpets and mop floors. Get everything just right so that I know I can get my deposit back. I am hoping and praying that it comes through for me. I could definitely USE that money for something useful! Moving is expensive.

My kids don’t have a place to play here though, and they hate it. I’ve lived in the same apartment for 3 years, and I think it’s time I got out while the getting’s good. Plus the kids got new bikes that they are just itching to ride!

I started looking through some different maid services, and found that Maid to Please has earned top ratings from the Better Business Bureau, Angie’s Lists, Washington’s Consumer Checkbook, and many more.

Although they are no-where close to where I lived, they were in just about every single website that I came across. They are a high quality cleaning service with affordable rates. They have trained, insured, and can deliver a hassle free experience.

Most cleaning companies do not offer instant price quotes as they do, other companies want to know all that needs to be cleaned and then charge you for EVERYTHING.

Maid to Please also offer their customers the freedom of choice. Not everybody is the same, and they understand that. Some customers may not have kids, and work tons, and just need the basics once or twice a week. Other customers may be overworked moms who need a break from the cleaning and need it more than twice a week. That’s why it’s such a great deal that they let you choose your own time slots of when they come and how often you need your place cleaned.

They have a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, one time, and even move-in, move-out cleaning services. Where there’s functionality and flexibility, a customer has all the choices in their hands. They are calling all the cards, so how could it be better?

They also offer you to choose which chores your cleaners do, and they even have a place on the website for you to place special cleaning instructions! It all sounds so awesome for me. I do wish I lived closer to Virginia, so I could get their services.

There aren’t any BIG companies that are within my area, so I guess I’m going to have to go with a small hired hand!

Zip codes served in Reston are 20190, 20191, 20193, 20194, 20195, & 20196.

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