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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Chella Hydrating Cleanser & Resurfacing Mask Reviews


Hydrating Cleanser- Lush Balm


Hydrating Cleanser Lush Balm

Hello clean, farewell dryness. Made with olive oil, Chella Hydrating Cleanser fortifies the all-important lipid barrier to nurture and keep hydration in. Smooth on dry skin, add warm water and massage in for supple, baby-plush finish. With citrus kissed oil to wake up and clean up. Fresh. Newborn. Beautiful.

  • Refreshed, clean skin
  • Comforted, balanced complexion
  • Olive oil gently and thoroughly removes eye makeup

This hydrating cleanser suppports skin's fragile, all important lipid barrier to nurture and keep hydration in while removing make-up, oils and skin impurities. Upon contact with warm water, this blissful balm cleanser transforms into a light, citrus kissed emulsion that is easily rinsed off. Leaves skin supple, clean and with a super plush finish.


Smooth onto dry skin, activate by applying warm water, rinse. Use with wash cloth for increased circulation and complete make-up removal. Follow with preferred Chella Tonic and Chella Hydrator.


I am in love with this cleanser. I wake up every morning and put this on my face. Not only does it wake ME up, it wakes up my skin as well as my senses. Chella is the bomb when it comes to skin care. I have worked with them before, and they never disappoint. Every thing I’ve ever tried- I’ve loved and will definitely re-buy!

The packaging is VERY classy. The jar has a silver-lidded top, and the jar is clear glass. The glass lets you see through to the orange cleanser. You open the top on this cleanser and it’s immediate bliss. It smells like Orange Sorbet Ice Cream with a hint of mango :P YUM

You apply this to a dry face. It feels a little greasy, but it ISN’T. It’s the olive oil in the cleanser, which IS amazing at cleaning faces. I’ve never really used a face cleanser with olive oil in it, but it WORKS amazingly and FEELS amazing as well.

You put this on your dry skin.. I then take my fingernails and massage the cleanser in, especially on my nose pores and beneath my lips (my oiliest parts). Then I take warm water and work into the cleanser, it then lathers up. I massage it in EVEN MORE, and then rinse it off.

I have been using this almost a month now, and I can definitely tell that this has put out DEFINITE results. My face is extremely clean, my pores (which have always been large) shrunk and the dirt trapped inside disappeared. I have tried so many different products to help with my large pores and blackheads, yet only certain things worked and not for long.

This has put a HUGE difference in my skin care regimen! I am in love with this cleanser. I’m not sure how I lived without it. Now I can go without makeup and not have to stare at my large nose pores! I am ecstatic.


BUY IT: You can buy this for $50- on the website.


Resurfacing Mask


Hello baby face. Fresh, soft, plump and where did all those lines seem to go? Make a date with this mini-peel, providing just enough resurfacing power to visibly even tone and smooth skin without leaving you red-faced. Beneficial ingredients go to the source to restore the moisture and radiance you've been missing. Apply evenly, carefully avoiding the eye area, for fifteen minutes and rinse. Just Beautiful.

Make a weekly date with this mini peel providing just enough resurfacing power to visibly even out skin tone and smooth texture without leaving you red faced. Lactic acid and protease enzymes encourage cell turnover while Pro Vitamin B-5 restores moisture and elasticity.

Clear Skin: Natural Enzymes go to work to dissolve dead skin build up and reduce blackhead formation.

Refined Polished Texture: Lactic Acid increases cell turnover and reveals a new luminous smooth complexion.

Hydrated, Healthy Glow: Consistent use of the Chella Resurfacing Mask will assist in long term pore miniaturization and deep hydration.


My skin needs renewed  and calmed down from time to time. This is very rejuvenating and refreshing. It is a thick and creamy white mask that smells amazing.

This mask is extremely exfoliating to the skin because of the Enzymes and Alpha-Hydroxy Acids it contains. This is used weekly and also can be used daily on zits and blemishes. This “peel” works to exfoliate the dead skin that naturally builds up. This dissolves the dead skin and makes skin refreshed and glowing.

This is also great for blackheads and breakouts. It works to eliminate the blackheads and breakouts at the source. Most peels are harmful to the skin causing it to become irritated and red. This helps to eliminate irritation with ingredients; licorice, ginger, and butcher’s broom.

It feels soft and silky on my face. There’s no burning, redness, and absolutely no irritation. It feels like using a regular cleanser, you just leave it on for 15 minutes instead of washing it off right away.

This has all natural exfoliators in it though, so it doesn’t irritate the skin and break you out even more (especially sensitive skin). This contains sugar cane (AHAs), malic Acid (from apples), and sour milk which makes lactic acid. All these products are gentle on the skin but help create a smooth beautiful complexion.

I love the way this smells. It goes on smoothly, and after I’m done with the 10 minutes- My face feels moisturized, hydrated, and SMOOTH. No blemishes at all anywhere. No redness, irritation, or blackheads.

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Disclosure: This isn’t a sponsored post, all products were sent for review purposes only. All opinions in this post are 100% mine and completely honest.


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