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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Shielo Hydrate Shampoo and Conditioner & Antioxidant Leave-in Protectant Reviews


Shampoo: “Serious hydration to address the needs of thick, dry or overstyled hair. A great treatment for all hair types that become dry from chemical processing or the stress of heat styling. Avoids dehydration by keeping hair moisturized, fluid and free flowing.”

Conditioner: “Hydrate thirsty, color-treated hair with a blast of moisture.Deep-penetrating peptides strengthen hair damaged from color treatments or highlighting. Hydration replenishes the appearance of youthful hair, while vitamins and minerals are designed to seal the cuticle tolock in vibrancy.”

Price- $22.49 for each 8 oz bottle  Hydrating collection

Finding an organic hydrating shampoo and conditioner is like hoping to win the lottery. There aren’t many choices out there. And the ones you do find mostly do NOT hydrate and fortify split ends and damaged hair.

Shielo does! I have worked with Shielo before and I have never been able to say enough great things about their amazing organic hair care products! I’ve never had the experience to review any of their shampoos or conditioners; until now.

This Shielo shampoo and conditioner are so different from any other moisturizing hair products because they also offer the ingredient White Tea which helps protect for UVA rays.

If you didn’t already know- the sun fades our hair color. I have had this happen to me every single summer since I was small. My hair in the winter is a dark brown color, and in the summer it turns almost dark blonde.

So, this year- before the sun could get to my dark locks, I decided to go ahead and DYE it dark brown with a hint of cherry in it. Pretty pretty color, but it also gave me a bit of dried ends and frizzy hair that I hadn’t had before.

I have been trying to replenish the moisture that the dye took out of my hair. I didn’t think dying it a darker color would do this, but it definitely did. The first day of dying it- my hair was extremely soft and silky. The second day, my hair was horribly frizzy.

This shampoo not only protects the hair from UVA rays, but it also enhances the color of your hair. HALLELUAH is all I could say! The shampoo and conditioner also contain shea butter. Shea butter is GREAT at giving hair a protective barrier of moisture by sealing it in the hair shaft.

It contains vanilla and hibiscus to soothe dry scalp. Dry scalp can happen from coloring your hair. This can also turn to really bad dandruff if you don’t get a hold on it before it gets too bad.

I have definitely noticed a huge difference in the texture of my hair. As it was frizzy and had split ends before- now my hair is nothing but smooth and silky. I can blow-dry my hair without it plumping and frizzing out!

My hair has become definitely stronger. AND smells absolutely divine! Both of these products smell like coconuts and peaches. Such a tropical delicious AMAZING scent!

Having hair that needing nourishment, and being able to find it pleased me to no end. My hair has become extremely easy to manage, shiny, and absolutely stunning!

The best thing about these are that they will last at LEAST a month or two because it doesn’t take very much at all to get it washed and conditioned. My hair is pretty long, so not having to use very much was a great experience in it’s own.

Putting on the shampoo and then washing it out, I could immediately tell that my hair was on it’s way to recovery. Usually I have to use conditioner before saying something like that. This shampoo was all ready working without the conditioner. The conditioner was just a huge plus that added on an even better experience!

2012-04-23 23.52.432012-04-23 23.51.34

Most shampoo’s that are organic do not lather really well, so it feels like your just rubbing lotion on your hair to wash it. Not with Shielo- Shielo’s shampoo was amazing at lathering it up.

Both of these bottles are made with number 2 plastic, which means that they can be thrown in the recycling bin. Saving the earth from hurtful plastic bottles. The company also makes their products sulfate free, paraben free, and free from animal cruelty.

I would definitely recommend this shampoo and conditioner to those who have color treated hair, over processed hair, dried out hair from heat styling, or just anyone needing some extra TLC.


The Antioxidant Leave-in Spray

Production description:

• UV Protectants and natural antioxidants from White Tea enhance color protection.

• Shea Butter adds a protective moisture barrier to seal the hair shaft.

• Innovative Wheat Crosspolymer creates an invisible safety net around each hair to shield color, increase flexibility and reduce breakage.

This antioxidant rich leave in protectant is designed to fortify every strand of hair, creating texture, as well as protect your color-treated hair from the elements. Our unique protective complex with pro-vitamins, proteins and amino acids infuse hair with vitamins while providing UV protection. For deeper natural and color-treated hair color. Excellent in eliminating frizz and protecting hair from styling tools.

I love straightening my hair. I love the way it makes my hair so sleek and shiny, but it the damage can be EXTREME- It can burn or singe your locks. Over the past year, my hair has suffered damage from blow-drying and straightening every single day. My hairs ends had become split, and I admit that I need a haircut.

This leave in protectant is very lightweight. Makes for a great for protecting hair from heating tools. You wash and condition- and then spray this into your damp hair before blow-drying or straightening.

This is also amazing as a detangler. Although I don’t get many tangles, I still love having something in my hair that will help detangle it if I should. Preserving my recently dyed hair is also a must. This spray works wonders against UVA rays. No color fading here!

My hair shines SO much now and has been protected from further breakage and damage from the styling tools. It smells hawaiian- like a hint of coconut- tropical, breezy, and awesome!

My hair is also less frizzy than it had been before using the spray. Even if my hair starting frizzing from the heat, all I had to do was re-spray this in my hair and brush it.

I would definitely recommend this for people who need that extra protection from straightening or blow-drying OR just as a detangler. It works so well in so many different ways that it is definitely worth this price!

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