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Monday, August 6, 2012

Ahava Mineral Makeup Review

Ahava's expertise in mineral skincare is based on years of ongoing research into the effects of Dead Sea minerals on the skin. AHAVA has harvested this vast knowledge base in the creation of its NEW mineral makeup care- an especially skin-friendly line that looks as good on you as it is for you.
The Mineral Makeup Care line is formulated with special, specific ingredients with powerful anti-aging and moisturizing properties including Dunaliella Algea (an indigenous, one-of-a-kind Dead Sea seaweed loaded with vitamins, beta-carotene and amino acids) and AHAVA's Mineral Skin Osmoter (a unique blend of 21 essential Dead Sea Minerals). Additionally, the silky texture and soft-focus technology smoothes over fine lines and imperfections for a flawless complexion and natural, non-artifical coverage. Multiple minerals in this paraben and fragrance-free formula provide natural UVA/UVB protection and rich oils including Jojoba Seed, Avacado, and Karite provide nourishment and moisture for the skin.

Always start with clean, dry skin. Allow moisturizer to dry completely before applying. Using the skin-loving makeup brush, swirl brush over loose powder. Tap excess powder off brush. Buff onto skin using a circular motion. Start at the outside perimeter of the face, near the cheekbone, working toward the center. Buff the nose, forehead and chin until the desired coverage is achieved.

My Thoughts*

2012-05-15 18.54.52 This is my before picture. Without any makeup on at all.
2012-05-15 19.12.332012-05-15 19.11.52 This is me with the Ahava Mineral makeup on.
This mineral makeup is tinted with minerals and contains absolutely no oils. This stays on all day and is perfect for neutralizing skin redness. This makeup works amazing and works naturally to keep my skin looking healthy.

This makeup looks like a pressed powder and feels silky smooth when I put it on. It stays on without any effort and looks amazing all day. My skin can definitely breathe and it does NOT smother my skin.
This isn’t a full coverage powder foundation- AND it states that it isn’t supposed to be. It comes in three different shades; Dune, Clay, and Terra. It can be used alone as a bronzer or you can wear it with liquid foundation underneath for full absolute coverage.

If you want major coverage, I would suggest using a moisturizer and then a liquid foundation underneath. This mineral powder doesn’t cover blemishes by itself, so if you have acne prone skin and want coverage- use something underneath it (whether it be liquid foundation, tinted moisturizer, or just concealer on the blemishes).

Depending on how much your going to apply, depends on how much coverage your getting. It leaves skin silky smooth skin with no harmful chemicals or impurities. It contains Avocado oil which helps to protect and nourish your skin!

It is compatible with all skin types, whether you have oily, dry, or combination skin. It gives off such a nice effect for a perfect complexion. It is natural matte- so it doesn’t give off a shine when your taking pictures!
This product is not tested on animals and is paraben free- That’s the main reason I made the pact to change to mineral this year. Last year I learned about all the different chemicals that can be in makeups, skincare, and hair care that can seep into skin and become harmful if exposed for long periods of time.

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Disclosure: This isn’t a sponsored post, products were sent for review purposes only. All opinions are 100% mine and completely honest.

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