Monday, August 27, 2012

Beautifying My Office Space!


1. Cube Accent Tables// 2. Easton Console Table, Antique Black// 3. Madras 3 Tier Cubby// 4. Eureka Storage Table// 5. Ethan Office Chair, White// 6. Rust Paisley Rialto Box Collection

Adam and I are planning on breaking out the house plans very soon.. HOPEFULLY. Crossing my fingers. SO- I’ve broken out my office wish list. I am a HUGE storage fans. I’m pretty sure that I think to myself the more storage items I have, the more items I can buy =) Shh.. don’t tell.

When we were packing up to move this year, I really REALLY seen how much I actually had. I have more than 500 books, 100 binders, and so much fabric and yarn that I can’t count.

I can’t wait to be able to have all my stuff spread out- whether in a storage box, shelf, or organizing tier. As long as I can get to it! Right now almost everything is in a storage, while we live in a smaller temporary home while we save up money to build.

I love the cube storage (1), I could put my fabric swatches underneath these and still be able to see what swatch I’m grabbing. I wouldn’t have to dig forever, like I would if they were in a drawer. Plus they are SO modern and beautiful.

I like the Console table because I could use it to stack my files and home phone on. That way I have instant access to my files, AND phone in case a customer calls and I need to find something right away. Of course I would put the files in the Rust Paisley Box Collection (6).

Number (3) would be my yarn storage. It would be amazing to be able to sort the yarn from lightest to darkest. Having color right out in the open is VERY great for decorating anyway! Gives spice to the room =)

Number (4) would be craft storage. I could use the 2 pull out bins to put buttons, ribbons, irons, embroidered items, and more. The 4 smaller open bins would be to store different items that I already made. Bags in one, bookmarks and kindle/ereader bags in another, headbands and hats in another, and of course- I couldn’t leave out totes.

Number (5) is obvious. Who in their right minds wouldn’t want this chair? I have been using the same computer chair for about 5 years now, and it has NO arms. My back aches all the time because the chair doesn’t fit to my body. There is no way to reposition it to, either. This computer chair isn’t just for comfort= look how beautiful it is!

I plan to have a huge office- one entire wall for my books, binders, and files. That way I have easy access to my information when I need it. I have been having to store them in boxes even before we moved. I lived in a 3 bedroom apartment and had no real room for an “office”.

I also want a wall for my “craft” supplies. Sewing machine, fabric, thread, yarn, and other item storage. World Market has it all. This place has me daydreaming up a storm! I am SO in love!! I wish I could have just about everything on the site. They have such a beautiful selection of everything, no matter what you’re looking for.

My office is going to be fantastic, I can already imagine it in my head. I’m already getting excited and we haven’t even started to build yet.. lol.

So- what do YOU have in your office? Do you not have an office and have everything everywhere like I did? If you DID have an office- what would you DREAM of putting in there?

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