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Excelerol- Brain Power Supplement Review



This is an amazing brain power supplement. I have been using Excelerol for about 3 weeks now, and really REALLY like it. I am a mom of 2 small kids, so I am always on the go. I don’t have a chance to sit down and have a quiet moment, and I need to stay on top of the game. That means I need to stay alert and focused, or my house just might become a tornado!

I am always looking for new items to help me be alert. Coffee, Espresso, energy drinks and YES even diet pills have been on my try list. With Excelerol, I don’t have to worry about consuming a pound of sugar (like energy drinks). Don’t have to worry about crashing (like diet pills).. Excelerol only contains caffeine from natural sources, so there is no crash, no jitters, and no SUGAR!

Excelerol helps me keep my concentration on one thing. Because I have bipolar- I tend to jump around and do ten million things at a time. Meaning I get hardly anything completed and have started more tasks then I know what to do with. This has helped me maintain focus, and I have gotten tons of tasks done from start to finish without feeling like I need to take a nap in the middle of doing it, or starting something else and forgetting all about the first task that I started.

My alertness level has increased and is maintained throughout the day. 2 capsules usually lasts me about 6 hours, and there is no crash or jitters in between or after. I really like this!! They are fast acting liquid sustained release capsules and are 100% free of gels. Many clinical tests have been tested and shown that the ingredients that are in these brain boosting capsules are the key necessities that brains need to improve overall brain health, extending memory, focus, and concentration.

The best thing about these capsules are that they don’t have a smell or aftertaste. I’ve taken so many multi-vitamins, diet pills, and other energy supplements trying to get loads of work done while keeping up with the kids, and most of the after-tastes were bitter. This just has a minty taste to it, which tastes quite amazing. This absorbs very quickly, allowing for instant results.

Whether your keeping up with tornado-like children, studying for a huge test, or tackling a huge project at work- Excelerol is what you need to stay on track, be consistent, and have that much needed motivation. Excelerol has been my lifeline these 3 weeks, and it’s a HUGE plus that they are totally vegetarian.

BUY IT: You can buy Excelerol on their website for $199.95 $90.95 for 90 day supply

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