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Monday, August 20, 2012

LoveTrueNatural Self-Tan Review


I got the chance to review the Lavera Naturkosmetik Sun Sensitiv Self-Tanning lotion. I am IN LOVE with this self tanner. Not only does it give me a quick tan (within 3 hours), it also smells really good.

Organic Self Tanner Lotion

It has a lavender/Citus scent to it, and is certified naturally organic. Organic macadamia nut, organic Jojoba oil and organic Sunflower Oil for easy application and silky soft, smooth skin.

The trick to applying any sunless tanner is to exfoliate the skin first. So get yourself and amazing body scrub and loofah and go to town on those dead skin cells. This is so your tan is blended well and not blotchy- sticking to the dead skin that everyone has.

I am using TreeHut Coconut & Lime Body Scrub to exfoliate. Then pat your skin dry- apply the tanner all over your body (with your clothes off, of course). Then let it dry before you put your clothes on. Sunless tanners will stain clothes if you don’t let it dry before putting clothes on.

Organic Lavender, Aloe Vera and rose water offer moisturizing benefits and leave skin feeling refreshed. My skin was very moisturized after applying this sunless tanner. I loved the way that it was thick and creamy- which allowed for an easier spread.

I didn’t have any streaks what-so-ever when using this. I used this on both my face and body, avoiding the hair lines of course. No orange spots, no dark brown ankles or knees. Oh- yeah, I’ve been there and done that! Not a pretty site to have dirty looking knees and ankles.

Make sure you wash you hands after using of course, so that the insides of your fingers and palms do not turn brown. Wash immediately after applying. And wait at least 6 hours before beginning another application on your body/face.


Winner of the "Best Sunless Tan" Award by GorgeouslyGreen.com's 2008 Beauty Awards. Their Self-Tanner was the only natural cosmetic product to receive an "Outstanding" rating from Oekto-Test Magazine. It was also the Winner of the "Special Innovation Prize 2002" in Europe.

I wasn’t surprised to see that this has won several awards, it is the absolute best sunless tanning lotion that I’ve ever used. No nasty chemicals- no chemical type smell- Just amazing results with an amazing smell.

It lasts awhile- somewhere between 5-7 days with one application. When just applying one application- you get a nice glowing bronzed look that isn’t too dark. The main thing with Sunless bronzers is that you see results instantly and it doesn’t take the time to gently soak into your skin.

Most sunless tanners are messy- they ruin clothes, sheets, your hands, and make you loose your mind. With this tanner- it is absolutely worry-free tanning.

I’ve been asked if I went on vacation or been laying out, so apparently I’m not the only one who thinks that this looks totally natural. I didn’t end up looking like I took a nose-dive in doritos or transformed into an oompa-loompa, so I was pretty happy =)

I stopped going to the tanning bed when my son was born 5 years ago. Not only because of skin cancer worries but because of the price as well. Kids come first, and I absolutely didn’t have the means to be paying mega bucks for tanning sessions and lotions.

Now I can enjoy being tan without the worry of melanoma or other skin cancers. No chemicals or bad smells oozing from this tan lotion and works in a tremendous way!!



Warnings and application:

Apply evenly to clean, dry skin and allow time to absorb

  • Use a smaller amount on your elbows, knees, ankles, and feet to avoid dark stains.
  • Avoid the hairline and eyebrows
  • Wash hands thoroughly after use
  • Avoid the hairline and eyebrows
  • It takes approximately 4-5 hours to develop and lasts 3-7 days.
  • Use once or twice a week depending on how deep you want your tan to be.
  • Wait until completely dry before dressing to avoid staining your clothes.
  • Does not offer sun protection
  • Do not store at temperatures over 30* C

BUY IT: You can buy this amazing sunless tanner from LoveTrueNatural for $28.90.


LoveTrueNatural also sent the True Natural All Natural Self Tanner face & body for me to review.


This sunless tanning lotion has a nice soothing lavender scent. It smelled amazing! This was also amazing at leaving a streak free color that was visible within 3-4 hours.

It has zero chemicals, zero harmful ingredients, and made with certified organic ingredients to help your body stay safe while looking it’s best. It is the first USDA 100% Certified Biobased self tanner on the market.

Love True Natural uses a combination of naturally occurring sugars found in certain fruits and vegetables, whereas other self tanners are made with chemicals and harmful ingredients. They also put off nasty smells because of it.

Love True Natural products are made in the U.S. using 100% natural ingredients, certified organic whenever possible, and are always cruelty free. Safe for children and adults.

This tanner shows up within 3-4 hours and can be used daily. The tan naturally fades away without leaving dark spots on the skin. This not only naturally soaks into the skin- leaving an absolutely beautiful tan, but it stays on for 3-10 days.

The fruit sugars react with amino acids found in the outer layer of the skin, creating a nontoxic reaction which gives skin a tanned look. That is why it is so important to exfoliate skin before applying the tanner- so that it has healthy skin cells to attach to, not dead ones.

Jojoba oil lends light, non-greasy hydration. Aloe Vera guards against environmental damage and is a skin-soother. And Green Tea extract is packed with anti-oxidants to prevent aging free radical damage. This feels unlike other tanners because it more like a gel feel- it doesn’t get greasy or oily.

The best thing about it is that you can still shave your legs while this is on. Your tan stays nice and neat and you can still get a close shave. Don’t worry that your tan will fade. Just make sure that you do not use a body scrub while your tan is on- it will exfoliate your tan away.

This has natural anti-aging ingredients in it as well. So not only is your skin getting a beautiful tan, but it is also getting an anti-aging regimen all in one.! This is an amazing tanner! I couldn’t have asked for a better tan AND with all natural products! I was a happy camper!

BUY IT: You can buy the True Natural Self Tanner for $17.99 here

About Love True Natural:

Here at loveTrueNatural, we do the research for you. Not only are the products we recommend safe and free from harmful ingredients, but our team of Estheticians & Beauty Experts have personally tried each & every product to ensure they deliver the results promised - and - that WE LOVE IT.

We aim simply to provide you with THE BEST natural beauty shopping experience. Our staff is here to help you find the right skin care regime, choose natural makeup colors, and offer tips on anti-aging products and more. Whether for yourself or loved ones, Natural Beauty Begins Here!

Our Ingredient Standard is Simple:

We don’t settle for synthetics…


Disclosure: This isn’t a sponsored post, products were sent for review purposes only. All opinions are completely honest and not influenced in any way.


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