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Friday, August 3, 2012

Kendall Gethotics Review & Giveaway


Treating your feet well is a must. If you don’t, it can lead to very bad pain and constant discomfort. The pain can travel up your spine and spread to your lower back if you aren’t careful.

Adam is a foreman for a tree trimming service called Seelbach. He is not only the main trimmer, but because he is a foreman, he also has to help out with other jobs as well. He is on his feet 10+ hours a day, JUST at work.

Adding to the discomfort is that he has to wear steel toed boots and be in a metal bucket thousands of feet in the air most of the day. There isn’t much room to move around, and the metal is horrible for his feet.

Having shoes made custom for his feet were pricey. He had previously tried other shoe inserts without any help to his discomfort. He said that he could feel them inside his shoes and they weren’t any help.

He complains about foot pain almost daily. When I had a chance to review Kendall GelThotics, I was excited at the thought that I could ease some of his pain.

Kendall GelThotics are totally different from any other shoe insert because they are made with silicone. They provide support because they contain maximum support and are made for shock absorbency.

They provide less space in the shoe, so the shoe doesn’t become uncomfortable from being too tight. This also causes them to work in ANY style or make of shoe. Whether it’s a running shoe, business shoe, or work boot. They work and fit perfectly!

Other inserts look and feel hard, where these inserts are flexible and feel like jelly in a way. This makes it mold to the foot for the perfect fit. You take out the insole of the shoe, place the GelThotics inside- and then place the insole back inside the shoe.

These will never break down, tear up, or become uncomfortable because of what they are made of. They are designed to wear for a LONG LONG time. This helps to support your forefoot, heels, and arches so you get an overall balanced protection from shockwaves through your feet.

The GelThotics are moisture and waterproof, so Adam didn’t have to worry about the insert absorbing the sweat from his feet. They also do not absorb germs, so if you wanted to let someone borrow these- you wouldn’t have to worry about athletes foot.

Adam inserted these into his work boot and stood up. He said his feet felt immediately better. He knew that his boots were killing him because of the steel toe and lack of support in the heels and arches.

He said he felt SO much better at work. Even thousands of feet in the air in the bucket trimming, he didn’t feel any discomfort from his boots. I was really glad that I could help out with this. I am extremely happy to report that he hasn’t been complaining of feet pain at all since wearing these.


Kendall Research Systems, Inc. has introduced a silicone orthotic with maximal support and shock absorbency. The Kendall GelThotic, provides optimal therapeutic support and requires less space in the shoe than any other orthotic, thus working in almost any style of shoe. Kendall GelThotics was sold by health practitioners in clinical settings, showing significant reductions in plantar fasciitis, forefoot issues, and more. Carefully engineered for enhanced biomechanical efficiency, it enhances performance through all phases of the gait cycle. In addition to enhancing performance, the GelThotic is water and moisture proof and cannot absorb microbes and odors.

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The Giveaway:


One Lucky Made.By.Jess Reader will win their very own pair!

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I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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