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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Nutra-Lift Skin & Hair Care Review

I had the chance to test three Nutra-lift products; the Night Repair Skin Renewal, the Nonsoap Herbal Cleanser, and the Simply Superb shampoo
These products show results without having to spend an arm and a leg on them, and they are mostly organic, rarely using chemicals inside.
I have been using these products daily for 4-5 weeks, and the results were showing within the first week.
Night Repair Cell Renewal

I really enjoyed using this night repair cream. One pump from this dispenser was all I needed to get my entire face and neck before going to bed. The product is a cream-colored tint, and isn’t sticky in the least little bit.
My skin soaks this up without any residue left behind. My skin does have a pink reaction after using this, but it being a cellular renewal serum, the pinkness should be expected because it’s cleaning and clearing the old cells off your face.
Nutra Lift Night Repair “creates newer fresher skin and in quicker time than chemical peels”. My face felt rejuvenated and clean, smelled wonderful, and my skin was brighter as well as smooth!
“Fresh...Fast. A neutral PH, non-irritating, better exfoliating treatment with amino acid L-Carnitine that energizes the skin.” It did show results very quickly which amazed me. This is an amazing night cream that never leaves any sticky residue on your pillows.
BUY IT: The Night Fluid is $35 for 1 oz. bottle
Herbal Nonsoap Cleanser
This Herbal Nonsoap cleanser is certified organic, and is very gentle on the skin. This is perfect for those who have sensitive skin and need something that will not dry their skin out.
This cleanser has a strong (herbally citrus) smell, which was okay. I didn’t expect it to really have a fragrance smell because it IS organic. It is a cleanser, a mask, toner, and makeup remover all in one.
It has herbal extracts and vitamins. AND it works well with all skin types; whether you have oily, dry, combination, or sensitive skin- this natural gel cleanser will work for you.
Because it’s a gel- it doesn’t bubble up like a soap cleanser, hense the name nonsoap. It contains wheat germ and vitamin C, which are both great for the skin. My face was noticeably softer, and it leaves no film- so your makeup goes on flawlessly.
My mascara and makeup was completely gone, yet my face was moist. This never once dried my skin out or left it too oily. It was the right amount of nourishment for my skin and I really liked it.
BUY IT: This Herbal Nonsoap cleanser is $24 for 8 oz. bottle
Simply Superb Shampoo
This is an amazing shampoo. Not only does it cleanse extrememly well, but it feels like there is conditioner built in with this. It smells amazing, and did wonders for my hair. It’s absolutely chemical and sulfate free- so I even used this on my kids.
Adisyn’s hair is thin, but somehow she ends up with tons of tangles in her hair. This leads to her crying and screaming that it hurts when her hair is brushed. I either had to end up using conditioner on her hair or using a detangler every time and she is only 3.
It is made with Goat milk and infused  with luxurious pure silk. This is what gives off the moisture to the hair follicles- so that hair is naturally silky to the feel, manages tangles, and takes away the frizzy part of hair.
This shampoo is also amazing for the scalp as well. With it being natural and organic with a blend of herbs- it moisturizes the scalp without leaving behind any unwanted residue- which is what causes the scalp to become unhealthy and start to flake.
When using this shampoo- I didn’t have to use conditioner or detangler on her hair, and I didn’t get any protests from her when brushing her hair. Her hair smelled great, was extremely shiny, and of course tons more manageable.
I am in LOVE with this shampoo- it is perfect for not only my hair but my kids hair as well. It rinses clean but makes hair SO soft. Smells amazing, and leaves hair shiny, manageable, and doesn’t weigh the hair down.
BUY IT: The Simply Superb Shampoo is $16 for 8 oz. bottle
Key points about Nutra-Lift
Natural & Organic
Good for all skin types
Cruelty Free
30 day money back guarantee

Connect with Nutra-lift:
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Disclosure: This isn’t a sponsored post, products were sent for review purposes only. The opinions in this post are completely honest and 100% mine.

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