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Friday, August 10, 2012

Oasap: Fashion Bags Review

oasap high street fashion

Recently I was accepted to be a Oasap Fashion Hunter! I was really excited about this because I am definitely INTO fashion and LOVE just about everything on their site.

You all know that I am a giant purse hoarder, so of course- I used my credits to get me 2 new purses and a small makeup bag!

Newspaper Print Oversized Handbag

The first handbag that I selected was the Newspaper Print Oversized Handbag which is only $24 on the website. I chose it because it is unique, fashionable, and cleverly priced. I love oversized handbags. I have tons of stuff and a small purse just isn’t for me.

2012-05-19 19.22.142012-05-19 19.21.51

This has newspaper print on the outside, in terylene fabric (feels like a glossy fabric) Which is awesome if your outside in the rain. The rain will not penetrate through soaking your phone or camera. I love it.

2012-05-20 18.46.282012-05-19 19.22.02

Inside the fabric is just plain grey with a zipper inside to hold small items. It has twin grab handles for wearing closer to your shoulder like a duffle bag, AND has a detachable long shoulder strap for wearing lower on your body.

This purse is 38 cm long, 10 cm wide, and 32 cm tall. This is perfect for my giant collection of makeup. I was keeping all my makeup in a tote but I needed something that zipped and that I could easily take with me if needed.

It holds my makeup perfectly, but this bag is big enough to be a stylish backpack, a purse, a gym bag, or whatever you need it to be. I am very creative with my purses and totes. Most of the time they each hold something different- binders, make-up, my every day purse..

Black Casual Oversized Check Detail Shoulder Bag

The second purse I got was the Black oversized Check Detail Shoulder Bag. This bag is $39 on the website, although they are out of stock right now- they should restock them very soon. This bag is amazing. I got it to use as a laptop tote. I have a 17” laptop and it’s hard to find a classy looking laptop case, so I found a sophisticated purse that it could fit in. =)

2012-05-19 19.22.482012-05-20 18.48.15

I love the way that this look and actually even feels almost like a real leather purse. It’s big enough to fit my laptop, my planner, my agenda, and the cord to my laptop.

It even has a big pocket lined off with a zip pocket, which is great for storing my USB plug ins. I love how much room there is inside of this. Also- even though I have a huge laptop and other items in the bag- it isn’t heavy at all. It balances the weight so that it doesn’t weigh down my arm! A HUGE plus!

It zips on the top, so I didn’t have to worry about the purse falling over and my laptop taking a plunge to it’s death. It also has some really cool tassles attached to each side of the purse that can be brought up and tied on top of the zipper.

Croc Effect Makeup Case

I also chose a Croc Effect Makeup Case which isn’t the color shown in the picture. The one I got is garnet red, which was the only color they had left. I didn’t get this to be used as a makeup case though. I got this to use as a coin purse or for my cell phone.

My makeup collection is HUGE and I can’t choose just “some” small items to put in there. I am SO possessive. When I pack, I tend to pack the entire house just to go somewhere for the weekend- Have NO idea why.. Just a dork like that! DON’T LAUGH =P

2012-05-20 18.49.502012-05-19 19.22.57

I am really liking this chic, classy, and sophisticated little case. It can be used as a small makeup case, an evening bag (because it has a little wristlet attached to it). OR you could use it for plenty of other items.



The items came very quickly, quicker than I even expected them to! I was SO excited to open this package. I live for PURSES! I am a fashion hoarder and I admit this VERY openly. I have tons of everything. From shoes, purses, hats to clothes.. Everyone I know makes fun of me saying I could have an outfit for every single day of the year and STILL have clothes left to wear.

I’m getting VERY close on purses as well. I can’t help it. I truly can NOT. I can’t pass up a great bargain for awesome stuff. I’m pretty sure if I were rich, I wouldn’t be for very long =) LOL

I love that on the website that you can create an account and “LOVE” items, which means that you can go back and look at those “loves” when you log-in. That way- if you are waiting for payday to get here and don’t want to search through all the items again to find what you’re looking for- it’s RIGHT there.

There are plenty of items that I have MY eye on. More purses.. lol and some really cute boots.

Have you ever heard of Oasap? Do you think you would buy something from them in the future. They have some really awesome deals!

Disclosure: This isn’t a sponsored post, products were sent for review purposes only. All opinions are 100% mine and completely honest.


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Disclosure: This isn’t a sponsored post, products were sent for review purposes only. Opinions are my own and completely honest.

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