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Splat Hair Color Review


I absolutely LOVE Splat hair color. This is the first time that I’ve used it, and I am most definitely HOOKED.

I dyed my hair 2 months ago a deep brown with a hint of red- which I LOVE! But I also wanted to do a black lowlight look. The other name brand colors I seen didn’t have a deep enough black for me, so I definitely wanted to try Splat Jet Black.


In the box, was the bottle with a tip on it, the gloves, instructions, and the bottle with the mixture. Because it is a darker color- it didn’t have bleach with it, like the other splat kits do.


Before mastering the dye- make sure that your hair is shampooed, yet not conditioned. If your hair is oily- the color will not soak in as well. I would also get an old towel and stand on it as well as putting one under your hair around your neck.

I was in my mom’s bathroom- taking strips of hair and applying the color. I wanted to make sure that there was enough black, yet not too much. I didn’t want it to look like there were just missed spots on my head. (I’ve actually had that happen before) LOL.

Because I was doing lowlights, I ended up getting it in her floor, and on the sink. I immediately cleaned it up. I figured it would stain anyway because of the color. It didn’t. As long as I kept wiping it up as it landed on the floor- it came right up.! AMAZED*

The color is like any other dye- the longer you leave it in, the more intense it will be. I ended up leaving it in for about 25 minutes, so I still had time to go get my son. Don’t ask me why I started doing it so late in the day. It arrived and I was absolutely ANXIOUS to use it!

I was super glad I did.! While I was in the pickup line waiting to pick Aidan up from school. I could see my hair drying and see the beautiful intensity of the color. I was in LOVE with this color.

2012-05-31 00.44.322012-05-31 00.44.55

See how the black stands out from the deep brown? I love it like that. It makes my hair look so amazing. I will definitely stick to this hair dye in the future.

I also wanted to do a crimson red highlight- but I was absolutely positive that my hair wouldn’t take to the bleach that comes with it. I have always had bad reactions to lighter dye! Can you say “Orange hair?” Definitely wasn’t pretty.

So instead I chose to do the pink extensions instead. These extensions are amazing! I could have cut it to any length I wanted, although I didn’t have to because it was exactly the length I needed it to be.

Each extension box comes with 2 18 inch extensions. They are totally reusable. I wasn’t sure how to do an extension at first- because I had never had used one before.

All I had to do was flip the part in my hair on the left side and clip it in, and then on the right side as well. It blends right in. I can also curl this (with medium heat) just like my real hair! (Don’t use too high heat though- it will scorch).

I am just glad that it doesn’t separate and get all scraggly like other hair extensions and hair clip-in’s I’ve seen. You know what I’m talking about. When there are like 5 hairs way longer than the others, just because you brushed it.. yeah- I hate that!

This isn’t anything like that! I really love that they are high quality! Plus the pink totally offsets the dark making it look awesome!

I have had so many compliments on my hair, and it makes me feel amazing!

2012-05-31 00.45.042012-05-31 00.47.47

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