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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

TreeHut Coconut Lime Body Scrub and Lotion Review

TreeHut Coconut Lime Body Scrub

Directions: Apply all over body in circular motions in shower or bath
This body scrub has rated 10/10 on my body scrub list. It is lightweight, yet very moisturizing. You can feel the small grains in the scrub which is awesome, because it exfoliated my skin just perfectly. The texture was amazing!
In the shower, after washing with regular body wash- I scoop this out by a small handful (with my hands of course) and rub it on my skin directly with my hands (or a washcloth).
I love to use this as a shaving cream as well. The grainy texture exfoliates my legs while giving me the closest shave I have EVER had with anything! My legs were so soft, smooth, and supple. I couldn’t believe I had such a close shave with a body scrub.
After my shower, my skin felt awesome! Most body scrubs feel oily to me. Not only did they leave oily marks on my clothes, but they also made my skin retain the oil and give me bumps and ingrown hairs on my thighs.  Not with this one. Because it isn’t greasy, all it left was softness.
It is easy to wash off, and my skin LOVES this. My skin seems to soak up moisturizers now. My skin is nothing but brilliant now! This has even helped my Keratosis Pilaris (chicken bumps).
I got some fake bake bronzing lotion, and you have to exfoliate before using it, so that the bronzer doesn’t stick to your older skin cells. This body scrub was the most perfect thing I could have used with the fake tan.
My skin was so soft and all my dead skin cells were gone, so that all was left was clean skin for the bronzer to cling to. I didn’t have any streaks or really dark spots.
I don’t find It necessary to use this daily, maybe 2-3 times a week. My skin definitely keeps smooth until the next use. I don’t even have to use lotion when using this. That is a big statement coming from me!
The smell is amazing. I hadn’t heard of coconut lime until bodycology launched their line of coconut lime lotion in 2009-10- I got some but I’m telling you- THIS brand smells much better and is cheaper!!
  • Certified Organic Shea Butter: skin repairing & moisturizing, anti-aging, promotes elasticity
  • Coconut Extract: skin conditioning
  • Lime Extract: skin polisher
  • Safflower Seed Oil: deep moisturizer
  • Evening Primrose Oil: rejuvenating and anti-aging agent
  • Sweet Almond Oil: improves complexion and retains natural sheen
  • Avocado Oil: reduce sun damage/age spots, hydrates
  • Macadamia Seed Oil: excellent skin moisturizer and protector, High in essential fatty acids for dry skin and scarring, effective antioxidant
  • Orange Oil: supports collagen formation, detoxifying, repairs sun damaged skin
  • Paraben Free and No Formaldehyde donors
  • Made in the USA
  • Do not test on animals

Coconut Lime Shea Extra-Rich Moisturizing Lotion

Moisturize your skin and surround your senses with the fresh, exotic sent of Coconut Lime. This rich, nongreasy formulation, infused with Certified Organic Shea Butter, Coconut & Lime Extracts, hydrates the skin leaving it smooth and supple. Experience the natural beauty of your skin through Tree Hut's refined ingredients and rich formulas.
Directions: Apply daily; morning and night.
I am in LOVE with this lotion. It is so thick and creamy yet doesn’t leave a greasy oily. This is such a smooth lotion, goes on so creamy. I think my skin has fallen in love. I use this more than I do my Amber Romance from Victoria’s Secret.
I am definitely looking forward to having this in the winter. My skin gets itchy, red, and flaky from the cold weather. This is a gentle lotion that gets the job done. It smells amazing and the smell lasts for a long time.
After taking a shower, I smother my body in this. It just feels so amazing. I have even used this to tame the frizz I get in my hair after being outside sweating playing with the kids. If I am not taking a shower for a little while longer, I’ll just rub a dab of this in my hair and it works wonders!
It contains vitamins A, C, and E. So it’s naturally a skin soother and smoother! Definitely has me hooked. I am addicted not only to the lotion and scrub but the SMELL!!
  • Certified Organic Shea Butter: skin repairing & moisturizing, anti-aging, promotes elasticity
  • Coconut Extract: skin conditioning
  • Lime Extract: skin polisher
  • Safflower Seed Oil: deep moisturizer
  • Paraben Free and No Formaldehyde donors
  • Made in the USA
  • Not tested on animals
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Disclosure: This isn’t a sponsored post, products were sent for review purposes only. Opinions are 100% mine and completely honest.
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