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Thursday, September 6, 2012

BeautyBox5 Review


I was excited to be able to review the BeautyBox5. If you sign up for BeautyBox5, you get a box every month with different full size beauty products inside!

Inside the August BeautyBox5, was 2 Freeman Face Masks (Facial Anti-stress), Makeup Geek eyeshadow refill-sensous, Bodygraphy Foundation primer clear, Everyday Minerals makeup- Girl Friday Blush, & Pssssst Dry shampoo.

The way I am going to explain these, is the way you would use these in your daily routine. For example- You’d use a dry shampoo, then the masks to cleanse, Foundation Primer, Eyeshadow, & Blush.

The Psssssst Dry Shampoo-


Shake can vigorously. Hold 6 inches to 8 inches from hair. Lift sections of hair and lightly spray scalp and roots. Shake can between usage to ensure optimum results. Wait a few minutes, then brush thoroughly. Style hair as desired.

My Thoughts*

I have long straight and dark hair with oily roots, so I was expecting this dry shampoo to leave a little bit of white residue in my hair. I was excited to see absolutely NO grey or white spots anywhere.

This cleans my hair thoroughly because it soaks up all the extra oils without completely drying out my scalp and making me look like I have dandruff. It smells GREAT as well, so that’s a huge plus! I hate dry shampoo’s that smell like old lady’s perfume!

Since the bottle was only a smaller sample size- I have been using this only where the oil is a problem. My roots can become oily within 1 day of washing it, and I used to wash daily until I learned that it was unhealthy for my hair and can cause splitting and damage,

So- using a dry shampoo for those days that you shouldn’t wash your hair is a must. You don’t want to go around looking like you DON’T wash your hair- a dry shampoo soaks up unnatural oils that build up.

The best thing about it is that it adds volume- so if you have thin hair- you could even use this on the days you shampoo to add volume! Love this stuff!


Freeman Face Masks

Dead sea minerals. Clarifies and renews skin.

This Freeman anti-stress mud mask enhanced with Dead Sea Minerals instantly absorbs excess oil while clarifying and purging pores. Rinse away the mask to reveal smooth, radiant, healthy looking skin


Apply mask to face and neck, avoiding contact with eyes. Let dry and rinse with warm water. Perfect for all skin types.

My Thoughts*

I am in LOVE with this mask. Not only is it a bright green/blue color- there are IMMEDIATE results when using this! It fights breakouts and clears up all the oil on my face!

2012-06-16 17.41.092012-06-16 17.35.31

I put this on my face before showering and let it sit for 5-7 minutes to give it time to dry. Sometimes I leave it on longer than that! I put this on and break out the cucumbers and have an AT HOME spa day! This mask is REALLY relaxing! (And of course- Mini Me Adisyn had to have some as well) =D

It has reduced the redness in my skin due to microdermabrasion and at home peels. My skin is not only tighter, but it is softer. My skin feels so amazingly fresh when I get done washing this off. My pores seem smaller and my skin silky soft.

When it’s on, you feel like you’ve had a bit of botox- you can’t move your face at all because of the clay in it, but after washing it with warm water- there is nothing left except soft rejuvenated skin!

This seems to make the oil in my face disappear, along with the uneven texture. My skin has definitely benefited from this amazing mask. The results go away once the mask is stopped being used, but I bet if I used this a couple times a week- the results would still be there! I am definitely going to purchase more of these.

As with any mask- don’t put this close to your eyes or it can cause irritation such as burning and watery eyes.

Veil Foundation Primer

Bodygraphy Foundation primer (clear)

With anti-oxidants, vitamins A and E, Green Tea and Grape Seed extract, this weightless oil-free primer fills in fine lines and wrinkles, prevents collagen breakdown and gives the skin a silky smooth, long lasting base.

My Thoughts*

With this primer- a little goes a long way. There was only a small sample size in the box, and I’ve been using it for 3 weeks now and still have some in the tube!

2012-06-16 17.59.432012-06-16 18.00.10

It felt like rubbing silk into my skin. It really helps other products just glide right on with absolutely no problem whatsoever! Rub it in, but don’t keep rubbing after it’s dry or it flakes up. Works wonderfully after applied- just make sure you add your makeup RIGHT after applying the primer.

Now that I’ve been using this- my regular foundation seems a bit off if I don’t use this first. AND there is absolutely no fragrance. It’s a great primer for people with sensitive skin!

2012-06-16 19.24.282012-06-16 19.25.49

Makeup Geek eyeshadow refill-Sensous

Official description: shimmery purple with flecks of silver; "Since we try to keep Makeup Geek family-friendly, it’s a challenge to describe this shadow adequately. So we’ll just leave you with this: If you want a sultry and sexy look, this sparkly plum shadow is the perfect start. "

My Thoughts*

2012-06-16 19.33.132012-06-16 19.32.19

This color is absolutely beautiful- it is a deep shimmery plum. Makeup Geek offers cruelty free makeup which is a huge plus! This has an amazing pigmentation and staying power.

No creasing at all, even when worn all day long in the summer heat! There was also no fading. After the day was through, the eyeshadow was still there looking as beautiful as the minute I applied it!

This is a very pretty, sensuous, and fun color to add to any makeup collection. This is the first time I’ve ever gotten to experience their makeup brand, so I was excited to try it! It had quite a bit of shimmer to it, which is great for a glammed up night on the town

It looks beautiful and glamorous by itself, with a black eyeliner, or when shaded together with just about any color. I am absolutely LOVING it and planning on adding more of Makeup Geek’s eyeshadows to my collection!

Not only are these affordable, but they are high quality as well. They come in little samplers, so if you’re ordering them one by one- I would suggest you get a refill pan (such as MAC or Z-palette). Since I only received one, I just kept it in the pack it came in.

I haven’t had any issues with it breaking up or spilling out. I just pull it out when I need it, and put it back in the case. 


Everyday Minerals: Girl Friday Blush

A soft plum berry shade that is perfectly feminine and matte.

The ultimate for a natural kiss of color, Everyday Minerals' matte cheek color comes in a wide range of wearable, whimsical shades. For a fresh-faced, feminine look that is remarkably pure, delight your cheeks with one of these charming colors. Effortlessly gorgeous!

My Thoughts*

I love how soft yet feminine this color is. It gives off a touch of a pink/plum look but it isn’t over the top and too obnoxiously colored. It is easy to apply and isn’t messy, which is a great plus for me.

I usually only use bronzer blushes which give off a sunkissed glow.. but this is a great turnover for me. I really liked how nicely it blended. I put it on with a blush brush and had no problems with it being too bright.

2012-06-16 19.46.46

I looked like I’d been at the beach or poolside for a little while, which I really liked. It has a silky smooth satiny feel and blends right in with my foundation. If you are looking for perfectly kissed cheeks, then look no further than the amazing blends from Everyday Minerals.

Whether your heading to work, the mall, or the club- Everyday Minerals has a color right for everybody! The Girl Friday adds just the right amount of pop to my cheeks!

It is brilliantly pigmented, has a luminous luxurious color and feels very velvety. You can also apply this to your chin and forehead for an even better kissed look.!


I am super SUPER glad that I got a chance to review this amazing sampler box. For $ 12 a month, this is an amazing deal. You get a chance to review new makeup samples every single month!

This is an amazing gift to give any beauty diva in your life; whether it may be your daughter who just went to college, a best friend, or your mom- she will love it for SURE!

It’s so exciting to open a box with surprise makeup inside. You never know what’s going to be in it! I’ve researched all the makeup samples that were inside the box and you would definitely be paying more if you bought all these products separately then purchasing them in this beauty maven box!

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Disclosure: This isn’t a sponsored post, products were sent for review purposes only. The opinions in this post are completely honest and not influenced in any way!

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